Learning Based Shapes and Colors Toddler Activities

Let your curious toddler explore the world of colour and shapes around her with our curated list of fun and engaging activities for toddlers.

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1. Learning Colors with play balls! teaching a 2 year old

2. Learn Colors with Pop Balloons-Funny Challenge for Kids

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3. Montessori Color Sorting | At-Home Activities for Toddlers | Vlogtober 2018

4. Learn Basic shapes Sorting/Classifying Cups learn colors activities preschoolers kindergarten

5. Learn Colours for Preschoolers| Colour Learning Activity for Kids|Mommy on the Go

6. Learn Shapes – Montessori activities – toddlers kids play teaching methods toddlers learning home

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7. Simple way to teach a toddler about shapes – part-1

8. Teaching a 1 year old Shapes! Learning Shapes Preschool

9. Fun Activity for learning Shapes || Shape Game

10. Preschool Shape Game

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