Teaching Maths to Kids

Teaching maths to kids is something that Indian parents love. Often, Indian parents take great pride in their kid’s mathematical skills. Before teaching maths to kids, it is important to take a holistic view of the subject before jumping in. In early childhood it is important to lay a solid yet broad foundation. Mathematics in early childhood comprises various subjects. These include a. spatial sense, b. measurement, c. recognizing patterns, d. logical reasoning. e. symbolic logic, f. enumeration etc. Spatial sense later evolves into subjects such as geometry, trigonometry etc. Measurement evolves in subjects such as mensuration. Logical reasoning and symbolic logic naturally evolve into algebra, pre-coding and coding. Enumeration and operations such as addition, multiplication etc. evolve into number theory. Pattern recognition (e.g., matching and sorting based on common properties) is important in almost all aspects of higher mathematics. We believe that parents have an important role in teaching mathematics to kids. If parents take care and create a nurturing environment in their home, mathematics would be loved by all kids. Bad teaching practices in the classroom and the lack of appropriate home environment are often responsible for scaring some children into believing mathematics is tough. We encourage parents to incorporate math in a natural way in your everyday conversations. Encourage the child to observe around the world it inhabits and help it notice that there is math in almost every aspect of its environment. Lastly, never forget that teaching math to kids should be fun for both the child and the parent.

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