Teaching English

As an Indian parent, we face a unique challenge in teaching English to our children. It is worth noting that India now has the second largest English speaking population in the world. But because English is not the mother tongue of most Indians, our exposure to the language is compact. As a parent when we try teaching our child a language that is not our mother tongue, we encounter many challenges. Vocabulary, cultural and personal disconnect, grammar and consistency are a few restrictions that parents face. Learning to speak a new language is easier than learning its script and grammar. It is then perhaps not very surprising that we Indians are a lot better at speaking English than writing it. So, when we teach English to our children, we might face challenges on the best way to approach. Each of the challenges in teaching the English language that we Indian parents face need to be resolved carefully. On our website, you will find loads of articles which will help you teach English to your kid in an effective way.

How to Teach the Alphabet to Kids?

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