Story Telling is the act of narrating stories. India has had a rich tradition in storytelling but it has changed in the recent years. Nowadays we are raising our children in nuclear family where parents are busy in their careers and they seldom find time for their children.  Let’s raise a question, “How does storytelling help children’s development? ”. The benefits of storytelling are numerous and it can be listed in many ways. Storytelling in early childhood enhances memory, develop children’s linguistics skills, acts as a source for moral values and make them a socially responsible person. It also encourages them to be a good listener. Storytelling develops them as a multilingual children and also nurtures interpersonal intelligence in them. Before narrating a story, we should understand the essence of the stories and improvise while telling it to the child. A parent should develop storytelling skills in order to improve understandings with the child. Story telling includes many forms like simple stories, songs, tales and epics. Stories can help to change the way in which a child views the world. They can have lasting effects on a child’s evaluation of the world around him.


Storytelling for Kids

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