Story Telling

Story telling is the act of narrating stories. Stories can help change the way a child views the world. The benefits of story telling to kids are numerous. It is one of the oldest methods of engaging and entertaining a child. Storytelling in early childhood enhances memory, develops children’s linguistics skills, acts as a source for moral values etc. It also encourages children to be good listeners. Storytelling helps children in language acquisition, speech development, cognitive skills and also nurtures their imagination and creativity. There are many documented benefits of storytelling. Stories come many shapes and sizes: folk tales, songs, epics etc. Traditional stories such as Panchatantra, Jataka, Jnanapada songs etc. continue to be popular among Indian parents and children to date. Stories have lasting effects on a child’s evaluation of the world around him. India has had a rich tradition in storytelling but it has changed in the recent years. Busy professional lives of parents, children being brought up in nuclear families, reduced role of grand parents in the lives of children, increased dependency on electronic gadgets etc. have all contributed to storytelling not getting the prominence that it deserves. A storyteller is a person who narrates stories. Most parents can become adept at story telling with a bit of practice. A good story teller first sets the context for the story, be aware of his child’s moods, keep it interesting and relatable, use his entire body effectively including eyes and hands, set the pace and tempo in accordance to the child’s age, use pauses and breaks smartly and finally encourage active participation of the child.

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