Every parent dreams of a prosperous career for his young ones. In the last decade or so, there has been huge worldwide interest in STEM for career paths. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. Currently S, T, E and M subjects are taught individually but STEM approach wants educators and children to view these subjects from a holistic perspective. It aims to help both the educator and learner to view these as integrated and related subjects. Recently, there has been a strong push and advocacy that this acronym should further be extended to STEAM to include A for ‘Arts’. But the debate over STEM vs STEAM has had quite a few antagonists for STEAM approach. They argue that such a move would be counterproductive and would cause distraction amongst children.
We are particularly concerned about the state of STEM programs, products and activity boxes that are available for the Indian child. Many of these so-called STEM products available to the Indian children are of poor quality, poorly conceived, designed and have very little or no impact on learning outcomes. This deteriorates the interest of children in the subjects and very often they take it as a burden. We are devoted to flourish the interest of children in STEM subjects right from their formative years.


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