Rhymes are a correlation of sound between words. They help children to notice and work with the sounds within words. They nurture confidence in children when they recite it. It also makes their parents joyful when they hear their child reciting them. Nursery rhyme are mandatory in early childhood days because they help the children to develop an ear for our language. They help a child become a good reader and a speller. When children are familiar with nursery rhymes, they learn to anticipate the rhyming word. This prepares them to make predictions when they read, another important reading skill. Apart from this children also develop their hearing, pronunciation, accent and visualization skills. Culture will also be preserved if we teach rhyme to our children in our native languages. It will enhance their linguistic development. Rhymes also create phonological awareness among children. Rhymes help to develop imaginative skills in a child and also make him/her to enjoy their own self in the world of fantasy.

nursery rhymes in hindi

Popular Nursery Rhymes in Hindi for Kids

We have curated an awesome video playlist of nursery rhymes in hindi for kids. This list will be very engaging and we are sure your little one will love this list.

birds video

Birds Video for Kids

We have curated a playlist of birds (explaining) videos for kids. We are sure you will love this playlist.

days of the week rhymes

Days of the Week Rhymes for Kids

We have created an awesome list days of the week nursery rhymes for children. The blog has lyrics, videos and youtube playlist for these nursery rhymes. We are sure your kid will love them.

bedtime rhymes

Bedtime Rhymes for Kids

We have curated a playlist of classic bedtime rhymes for children with videos. We are sure you will love this playlist.

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Top 10 Short Nursery Rhymes for Kids

10 Best short nursery rhymes for Kids. Download the lyrics for these easy and simple rhymes in English. Your babies, toddlers, nursery or pre nursery small kids will love it!

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