A puzzle is a game that analyzes a person’s knowledge or brilliance. Puzzles sharpen the brain from its roots. There are many types of puzzles like Crossword puzzle, Sudoku, grid puzzles, Math Puzzles, Cryptic puzzles, Word puzzles, Riddles etc. The puzzle or riddle exercises brain function and helps people to think faster, focus better, and remember more. Riddles can trigger your brain to a number of neural connections with the intention to find a solution for the question thrown at you. Puzzles also develop interpersonal skills in the kid by creating a chance to entertain one another in their friend’s circle. In this section you will find a blog that has puzzle questions in Hindi, puzzle in Hindi with answer, funny puzzles with answers in Hindi, puzzle in Hindi with answer, WhatsApp question and answer in Hindi, funny pahelian in Hindi with answer 2018 that are designed by child development experts for you to play with your child’s brain and make them to think.

puzzle in Hindi with answer

60 Best Hindi Riddles for Kids with Answers

Riddles challenge young minds and teach them important life skills. We have listed 60 fun riddles inside the blog. We bet you can't answer...
12 min read

हिंदी पहेलियों का दुर्लभ संग्रह: अपने बच्चों के साथ मज़ा ले

Check out this blog for an interesting list of Hindi paheliyan हिंदी पहेलियाँ ! Enjoy them with your kids.
4 min read

Tongue Twisters in Hindi: Enjoy Them with Your Kids

Delve into this fun blog to check out some famous Tongue twisters in Hindi for your kids! Enjoy them with your kids and repeat...
1 min read
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