Parenting is challenging because its huge breadth encompasses the emotional, social, cultural, moral, physical, economic, educational, linguistic, cognitive and developmental well-being of our children. It is simultaneously one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs in the world. While it remains a deeply personal topic for many of us, we still constantly seek to learn more about it by observing and talking other parents and elders around us. Internet has enabled this flow of information and ideas to happen like never before. We now have access to parenting ideas and tips from all over the world. Parenting plays a major role in the development of a child. There are various styles that develop over time, depending on the practical situations and personality of the parent. It is also influenced by parent’s own attitudes and beliefs. Principles of parenting such as being consistent and being positive rarely go wrong. A few postulates that can be followed by every parents are, for instance, having healthy conversations, complimenting good acts, etc. Communication with children should be open, honest, clear and two-way. Good parents let their child to express their feelings. Increasingly it is obvious that there is no substitute to spending quality time with children. Being sensitive to the child’s needs and providing an emotionally warm and secure environment, will help children develop into well-adjusted adults and increases the chances of success in their chosen paths. Praise, encouragement, and help are important to success. We also strongly believe that informed parenting is good parenting. Being informed and well-read will help parents to understand what works and what does not, adopt best practices from other parents and keep evolving.

Toddler Learning Apps? No Way!

Are you allowing your toddler to use educational Apps on Smartphones and Tablets? After reading this article you might change your mind!

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