Indian Family

A family is the immediate surrounding a child gets as soon as he/she is born. A family is the first relationship of a child. It provides and protects a child. An Indian family is no different. Traditional Indian families love and protect their kids in a typical way of their own. As the times have changed, so have families. More nuclear families have emerged. Generally, both parents are working. It may have good and bad consequences. Well educated young parents have their own methods of parenting. They are no way near to some of the harsh traditional methods of raising a disciplined child. The amount of conversations between children and parents have increased. The fear of parents, especially fathers, in children has gradually decreased. The changes do have a dark side though. Children do not get much emotionally attached with collateral relatives. In case of any help required, they have a single option in form of their parents. An Indian family, nuclear or traditional, tends to impart high moral and social value in children. We expect to contribute to this effort of yours in the best way possible.

Toddler Learning Apps? No Way!

Are you allowing your toddler to use educational Apps on Smartphones and Tablets? After reading this article you might change your mind!

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