Human beings are competitive by nature. It is an important aspect that propels us further in life. Children must also be made aware of the importance of competition. In fact, It can be seen as a tool to encourage children in different ways. Competition helps us become better at whatever we do. A child may face competition in every aspect of life. We must plant a desire for recognition and victory in the child. Desire to be good or the best can be a great motivator. It will make the child work harder and get better at what he/she does. And the feeling of having competed and been adjudged to be the best is a satisfying one. Competition is good for a child because it is both fun and pushes the child to learn new things. It is very crucial to avoid the competition from getting better of the child’s moral values. Parents must regularly scrutinize the efforts put in by the child to succeed. It is essential to make the child understand the importance of competition with himself/herself too.

Importance of Competition

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