Screen time is the duration for which a child is exposed to digital screens like mobile or tablets. Prolonged exposure to screens can be very hazardous, specially for a child. It can cause severe harm to his eyes and also reduce sleeping durations. It feels a bit easy for parents to deal with a fickle child with the help of electronic gadgets. Electronic gadgets displays the content in a vivid form which attracts kid’s attention for a longer period of time. So how much screen time should a child have? American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued guidelines with regards to the usage of electronic devices and the amount of time that can be spent by a child viewing these devices. A few of the key recommendations, relevant for the ages of 0-5 Years are:
For children younger than 18 Months, No Screen Time at all.
For 18-24 Months child, avoid Screen Time completely, if you can. However, if you can’t, occasional viewing of “High-Quality Programming” is fine, provided parent is co-viewing the content and guiding the child.
For 2-5 Years child, maximum of 1 Hour per Day of viewing time of “High-Quality Programming”, again co-viewed and in the guidance of the parent.

How Much Screen Time Should a Child Have

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