Riddles in Hindi are called paheliya. Paheli is a statement that enfolds meaning and it is put forth as a puzzle to be solved. Almost all regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu etc, have a rich history of riddles. Hindi Paheliya interpret children’s culture and knowledge of how to interpret the social environment as well as information sharing. They are an important source of basic general knowledge for children. They further help in understanding about their immediate surroundings. Paheliya also sow the seeds for interest in traditional literature among children. India has a rich history of riddles. Paheliya have been an integral form of the rich Indian oral tradition. It enhances children’s learning in three aspects Cognitive, Social, Cultural. Through oral tradition, children can sense and develop their cultural practices. Funny riddles for kids are a fun way to stimulate metalinguistic awareness and positively influence reading comprehension. Hindi paheliya also help to acquire knowledge about realities in their environment.

In this section you will find a blog that has hindi paheliya, puzzle questions with answers in hindi , funny riddles with answers in hindi, best riddles in hindi, whatsapp paheli in hindi with answer, funny puzzles in hindi that are designed by child development experts for you to play with your child’s brain and make them to think.

Hindi Paheliya

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