In accordance to Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the fittest”, competition is necessary. Who does not want their child to be always successful in life? In such a pursuit, parents start inculcating the value of competition in a child from an early age. They want their child to come first in every venture be it a class test or a sports competition. A healthy competition is good, fun and a learning experience for a child. It encourages them to get the best out of themselves. But sometimes the competition gets unhealthy and becomes a burden on a child’s life. The parents must avoid creating a win/lose competition and rather project a win/win situation. A win/lose situation may lead a child develop toxic competitive spirit. It may induce him/her to develop illicit habits in order to win. We, as parents, need to understand that pushing children beyond their limits may not always be conducive. It can rather be unfruitful and a worthless attempt, and may have adverse effects. So we wish the parents to start believing in their child’s potential and watch out for any symptoms of an unhealthy competition.

Healthy Competition

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