Executive Function Skills

Executive Functioning skills are the mental/cognitive skills that help us plan, focus attention, remember instructions and multi-task. Executive Functioning Skills are crucial for the healthy development of the child and play an important role even in our adulthood. Poor executive functioning skills can hinder your ability to work, go to school and maintain healthy relationships with other people. Children acquire these skills gradually by interacting and observing the adults in their surroundings and the world at large. Stressful home environment negatively impacts such skills. Positive parenting, stable relationships and nurturing home environment have shown a positive correlation between IQ and executive functioning skills. Overexposure to electronic gadgets may also result in poor executive functioning skills. Encouraging your child to engage in fantasy and imaginative ‘pretend-play’ activities has shown to have a positive correlation with the development of Executive Functioning Skills in children. In this section, you will find many more informative blogs related to executive function skills.

Basic Concepts: Milestones & Tips for Kids

Basic concepts are crucial for a child’s early success helping them to read and write better. Basic concepts are tools that enable a child to make sense of the world.

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