Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is broad based and balanced, with the aim of developing the child’s cognitive, language, social, interpersonal skills along with mental, emotional and physical well being of the child. Quality preschool programs help build a strong foundation for the child’s all round development that prepare them for a lifetime. But parents and primary caretakers also have a crucial role to play. Safe and stimulating home environment is an important component of early childhood education. Children who receive early childhood education are known to have a reduced need for special education instructions in elementary school and beyond. They are more confident and curious. This empowers them to perform better in school. They also learn how to manage challenges and build resilience in times of difficulty. They settle easily at school and hence reap the benefits of education faster. Education at an early stage also helps children acquire a long term interest in pursuing music, dancing, singing, art, sports etc. Studies have shown that it increases the likelihood of children graduating from high school with fewer behavioural issues and a healthy attendance. It paves the way for children to become responsible young adults. Research have concluded that 80% of the brain develops by the age of 5. These formative years are critical for a child’s learning. The capability of grasping new ideas and information is at its peak in this period and declines gradually after this age. Early childhood education is also a great example of investment in human capital. Countries which invest in quality early childhood education get tangible economic returns over time. The return on such investments could be as high as 13-14%! The productivity of such interventions progressively decreases when done at later stages of a child’s life. A strong foundation in early childhood will lead to faster and more effective learning curve for a child in later years.

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