Developmental Milestones

A milestone is generally a tool used in project management to mark specific points along a project timeline. Milestones in child development include actions done by a child in his/her developmental stages. Developmental milestones are a set of functional skills or age-specific tasks that most children perform within a certain age range. It can involve physical, social, emotional, cognitive and communication skills. Walking, sharing with others, expressing emotions, recognizing familiar sounds and talking constitute a few examples of a milestone. A milestone is a pretty efficient tool to assess the growth and development in a child. It helps to organize various activities in child development. It also helps to categorize child activities into different age groups. .It is necessary to track the milestones reached by our child at different stages to ensure that our child is growing in a healthy condition. A milestone can also be used as a challenge or a competition for a child to encourage him/her. As young parents, we must make sure that the child surpasses a required set of milestones at a certain age.

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