Wikipedia defines Child Discipline as “the methods used to prevent future behavioural problems in children”. To discipline means to instruct the child to follow a particular code of conduct. Child discipline is a prominent way to make the child dissolve in the society effectively. Discipline should impart moral knowledge and self control to a child. But in recent times it has been equated with punishment and control. Child discipline should be implemented affectionately and in a consistent way. According to majority of the Indian parents, a disciplined child will focus on education and they can be managed easily in the home. But they themselves are not very clear about the line between discipline and oppression. Child will be stable and structured in life if he/she is disciplined. On the contrary, oppression can lead to severe consequences. If a child wants to taste success it is mandatory to be disciplined. Discipline helps a child to achieve goals, gives positive outlooks, avoid temptations and be good learners.

Child Discipline

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