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Moral Stories for Kids (Age Group : 4-5 years)

Stories for kids enhances memory, develop linguistics skills, acts as a source for moral values and make them a socially responsible person. It also help to change the way in which a kid views the world. They can have lasting effects on a kid’s evaluation of the world around him.

Below is a curated list of moral stories for kids from various youtube channels. These stories are age appropriate and are carefully curated for kids.

Click here for direct access to our Youtube Playlist on Moral Stories for Kids.
1. Always Be Kind To Animals

Message: Be kind to animals.

2. Lion and the Mouse 

Message: We should help others.

3. The Hare and The Tortoise 

Message: Slow and steady wins the race.

4. Thirsty Crow

Message: Try hard to find an answer.

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5. The Cap Seller & Monkey

Message: Be clever.

6. The Honest Woodcutter

Message: Be Honest.

7. Sand and Stone

Message: Remember good things about friends.

8. Clever Fish

Message: Be clever.

9. Self Help Is The Best Help

Message: Don’t cry. Help yourself.

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10. Learning To Obey

Message: Listen and obey elders.

11. Greedy Dog

Message: Greed is bad.

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