Jataka Stories in English for Kids of age 4-5 years

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Jataka stories are important part of Buddhist literature written for the mankind to gain knowledge and morality. Jataka tales are stories that tells about the various incarnations of Buddha. In his life, he took on totally different forms, from animals and birds to god and humans. In the Jataka tales, he’s referred to as Bodhisattva in every life. In each life, the Bodhisattva intended to impart values of knowledge, selflessness, morality, honesty, compassion and different ethical values to individuals. Originally Jataka tales stories was written in pali language and are translated in different languages around the world. Here we have curated the popular collection of moral stories from Jataka tales for children.

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1. The Golden Elephant

Message: Greed causes harm.

2. The Foolish Vulture

Message: Dont fool your friends.

3. Noble Monkey

Message: Be kind to all.

4. Greedy Crow

Message: Do not be greedy.

5. The Right Choice

Message: Be smart and have one safe way to escape from danger.

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6. Rabbit’s Dream

Message: Dream is not always real.

7. Goodbye Dear Cuckoo

Message: Jealousy is not good.

8. Woodpecker, Deer and Tortoise

Messsage: Help your friends.

9. The Deceitful Bird

Message: Don’t be selfish.

10. Elephant and Dog

Message: True friends can never be separated.

11. The Hunter & The Doves

Message: Unity is strength.

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