Wisdom Stories (Hitopadesha) for Kids of age 4 to 5 years

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Stories of wisdom also known as hitopadesha was composed by Narayana Pandit. Stories in this blog aims to educate young minds about life, morals and values, so that they become a responsible person. Here we have curated a collection of  wisdom stories (hitopadesha) that will engage children with its simple language, colourful illustration and characters.

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1. Tiger And The Golden Bangle

Message: Be happy with what you have.

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2. The washerman Dog and the Donkey

Message: Always perform your own duty honestly.

3. The Intelligent Jackal

Message: Knowledge is power.

4. Crow and the Snake

Message: Help your friends.

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5. The Hare and the Lion

Message: Always wisdom wins.

6. Birds and The Shivering Monkey

Message: Listen to wise advice.

7. The Sage and The Mouse

Message: Be grateful.

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Marathi Story: mazee-javalchi-maitrin माझी जवळची मैत्रीण

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English Story: Ape and Crocodile

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Telugu Story: enduku-arey-enduku ఎందుకు, అరే ఎందుకు?!!

Click To Open The Story Pdf Attribution Text: ఎందుకు, అరే ఎందుకు?!! (Telugu), translated by Desiraju Lavanya Lavali, based on original story Why, Oh Why!...
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