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Wisdom Stories (Hitopadesha) for Kids of age 4 to 5 years

Stories of wisdom also known as hitopadesha was composed by Narayana Pandit. Stories in this blog aims to educate young minds about life, morals and values so that they become a responsible person. Here we have curated a collection of wisdom stories (hitopadesha) that will engage children with its simple language, colourful illustration and characters.

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1. Tiger And The Golden Bangle

Message: Be happy with what you have.


2. The washerman Dog and the Donkey

Message: Always perform your own duty honestly.

3. The Intelligent Jackal

Message: Knowledge is power.

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4. Crow and the Snake

Message: Help your friends.

5. The Hare and the Lion

Message: Always wisdom wins.

6. Birds and The Shivering Monkey

Message: Listen to wise advice.

7. The Sage and The Mouse

Message: Be grateful.

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