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Bedtime Stories for Kids (Age Group : 3-4 years)

Reading a bedtime story to your kid strengthen parent-child bond and it is a great way to help the tired kid fall asleep. Here we have curated a playlist of classic bedtime stories for kids.

Click here for direct access to our Youtube Playlist on Bedtime Stories for Kids.

1. Hands are for helping

Message: Help others using hands.

2. Dove and ant story

Message: Always be kind and generous.

3. Elephant and the ant

Message: Troubling others is not good.

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4. The fox and the crow

Message: Share your things with others.

5. Stubborn baby elephant

Message: Always be proud of who you are.

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6. Little red hen

Message: Help others.

7. The boy who cried wolf

Message: Always speak the truth.

8. The salty sea

Message: Jealousy is not good.

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