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Reading Books for Kids: 6 Practical Tips

Many times you as a parent, might have faced challenges while reading a book to your child. The child does not seem to listen! This can be frustrating at times and can lead to some parents giving up on the idea of reading books to their children. But that would be a bad idea! Research has indicated numerous benefits of reading books to your child. This blog will help you overcome the challenges that you encounter while reading books for kids.

Please read this article to know more about these benefits.

Here are some tips that you might find useful when reading books for kids:

reading books for kids

1. Select your StoryBook carefully!  

reading books for kids

If the story is a complex drama, involving adult emotions, it would certainly fail to connect with the child. You need to be conscious of the story’s appropriateness to the child’s age. Both the context of the story and emotions in it, need to be relatable to the child. One of my child’s favourite book is about a girl’s life in a new school. Since my child recently started going to a Playschool, she relates to that book a lot.

2. Pictures in the Story Book are Important!  

reading books for kids

Children below the age of 4 can rarely read printed sentences fully and their vocabulary is not fully developed. The pictures in the storybook help them visualize and understand the story. Hence, high-quality pictures make the book interesting for the child. Remember that as you are narrating the story, the child is practically looking only at the pictures in the book. Select books keeping these facts in mind.

3. Length of the Story Matters!  

reading books for kids

The child’s attention span increases with age. The general rule of thumb that has worked for us is that you should be able to read your story in about 2-3 minutes if the child is around 2 Years. This can increase to about 6-8 Minutes at the age of 3 and about 15-20 Minutes at the age of 4 and so forth.

Please note that this might vary greatly from child to child and we encourage you to figure this (the maximum attention span of your child) out with your own experiments. Gradually attempt to increase the child’s attention span with longer stories.

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4. Set aside a Regular Time!  

reading books for kids

Having a fixed time in the day/week for telling stories will help. You can select the time of the day based on your convenience. It could be at bed-time or it could be over lunch, it does not matter. Over a period, the child begins to associate that time of the day/week with the activity of reading a storybook. In a matter of weeks, the child will begin to look forward to the activity.

5. Create the right Atmosphere!

reading books for kids

Reading a book to your child is an activity that deserves importance. So please turn off your mobile phone or leave it outside the room. Let there be no disturbance. Depending on the time you have selected for reading the book, select the room and be seated appropriately. For example, if you are reading a story at bedtime, make sure that your child has cleaned up and changed into bedtime clothes before starting.

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6. Be Patient! 
reading books for kids

Habit forming takes time. In case of children, it could take months and in some rare cases even more than a year. The important thing is to be persistent and regular and not give up after trying for a few days or weeks.
In our next article, we shall share with you some more practical tips about reading books for kids, which can help you become a professional storyteller. Well, almost! 🙂

  • Parents trying to read storybooks to their young children very often face a few common difficulties. Here are some practical tips to overcome them.
  • Selecting the right storybook can save you a lot of trouble. Know more on how to select a book with the age-appropriate content, pictures and the emotions.
  • Perfecting techniques such as setting aside a regular time of the day/week for reading storybooks can help develop and sustain the reading habit.
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