parenting style Questionnaire

Parenting Style Questionnaire

Prof. Diana Baumrind, a clinical and developmental psychologist have identified 3 categories of Parenting Styles.

  • Authoritative
  • Authoritarian
  • Permissive

Other researchers extended this to include one more style ‘Neglectful’. Read our blog to know about parenting styles in detail and also which parenting style matches that of yours.

Parenting Style Questionnaire:
 1. Your child went to his friend’s home and came back with a toy. He confirmed that he took the toy without telling the friend. Select your reaction:

         a. The child is tempted because he does not have such a toy.Everyone makes mistakes.They will learn gradually.

         b. Make him return the toy immediately and talk to him about moral values. Values cannot be compromised upon! 

         c. It is not such a big deal. No need to spoil the environment in the house over such small incidents.

         d. Will make the child return the toy. Afterwards, focus on why he was tempted to steal and how to prevent it.     

   2. You are teaching math to your kid. Despite your best efforts, he seems uninterested and distracted. Select your reaction:

         a. Whether the child likes it or not, regular study habits are non-negotiable. It is for his own good.

         b. I would let him go. If we over-pressurise, he will hate math. If we leave him alone, gradually he might like math.

         c. I will try and make math fun. Regular studying habits are important, even if they are difficult to form in the beginning.

         d.  Parents should learn to relax. Not every child is interested in math. Something else may be in his destiny.

    3.   You go to a supermarket to buy groceries. Your kid throws a big tantrum, insisting that you buy her favourite chocolate. Select your reaction:

       a. I will buy the chocolate and be done with it. It is not worth losing your peace of mind over small things.

       b. Her behaviour is unacceptable. But best is to distract her attention for now and logically argue with her later.

       c. I will not buy her the chocolate to teach her a lesson. If I buy it, she will think that her behaviour is acceptable.

       d. I will buy it, to pacify her. Nothing wrong if she loves chocolates. Moreover, she does not ask for it every time.

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4.    Please select your view on children and their sleeping habits.

      a.  Regular sleeping habits are important. If she is not sleeping on time, I will change her daily routine and environment suitably.

      b.  Like adults, children will also sleep when they are tired. These are natural things.

      c.  Each day is different. Forcing a rigorous schedule is not correct. Child’s needs are more important than our needs.

      d.  The child has no option but to get used to regular sleeping habits. It is for her own good. She will thank me when she is older.

5.    You took your child to a movie theatre. After some time, your child started being naughty. Your next seat viewer was disturbed because of this. Your reaction would be:

      a.  It was my mistake. Clearly, the child is not yet ready for this. I will not do it again until he learns to behave.

      b. It is best to ignore such people. Should I stop watching movies in a theatre just because I am a parent now?

      c. Children find it difficult to sit in one place for a long time. Maybe giving him my mobile phone will help.

      d. I will take the child outside and talk. Will bring him back after explaining that he is inconveniencing others.

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