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Know more about Parenting Styles: What is yours?

Different Parenting Styles: What is Parenting Style?

Parenting style is something that develops over time, depending on the practical reality and natural personality of the parent. Parenting styles are also influenced by the belief system held by a parent on what is good for their child. Also, every parent alters their style depending on the situation and circumstance. It is slightly difficult to give a very precise answer to the question, what is a parenting style? Please read the author’s note at the end of the blog in order to not confuse parenting style with parenting practices.

Scientists, Child Development Specialists, Neuropsychologists and Educationists have been studying child-rearing practices and parenting styles for over 250 years. It continues to be a fascinating and dynamic area of research. For research, classification of parenting styles is essential for developing and validating hypotheses.

Baumrind’s Parenting Typology: 4 Parenting Styles

Prof. Diana Baumrind is a clinical and developmental psychologist[1]. She developed a framework around different Parenting Styles that is most widely used in this field of research. She went on to classify different parenting styles into 3 broad categories: Authoritarian, Permissive and Authoritative[2]. Other researchers extended this to include one more style ‘Neglectful’[3]. This enabled the parenting styles to be viewed across two dimensions: Demanding/Un-demanding & Responsive/Unresponsive.
Therefore as per extended Baumrind’s typology, the 4 parenting styles are:

  • Authoritative
  • Authoritarian
  • Permissive
  • Neglectful

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Description of the 3 Main Parenting Styles [4]
Authoritative Parenting Style:
  • The parent is demanding yet responsive.
  • This is a child-centric approach but holds a high degree of expectation of maturity from the child.
  • Parents empathize with their child but teach them how to regulate their emotions.
  • They have high expectations but are forgiving of shortcomings. They encourage independence but place rational restrictions.
  • They help the child solve problems. They try to be nurturing and warm to their children. Punishments imposed are rational and consistent.
Authoritarian Parenting Style:
  • The parent is demanding but NOT responsive.
  • This is a style that relies heavily on punishments and is restrictive. Punishments can be irrational and disproportionate, and no feedback is shared. Corporal punishment has also preferred a form of enforcing discipline.
  • Such a parenting style is used by parents who believe that the child must learn to survive and thrive in a harsh and unforgiving society.
Permissive Parenting Style:
  • The parent is responsive and NOT demanding.
  • This parenting style is characterized by parents having very few expectations from the child.
  • Indulgent parents do not expect children to regulate themselves or their behaviour. They are warm and nurturing. These parents try to be a friend to their child and rarely ever punish their child.
  • Very often parents adopting this style could be compensating for something that they did not get in their childhood.
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What is your Style?

We believe that like most things in life, our parenting styles are too dynamic to be neatly fitting into any of the boxes. For the purpose of research and classification, it becomes convenient to take extreme styles which mark the boundaries. The reality is that for most parents, their own style would be some combination of these 4 styles.

Authoritative Parenting style leads to best outcomes for Children!

Numerous studies have shown that when a comparative analysis of the 3 parenting styles is done, it is the Authoritative Parenting Style that is most likely to lead to successful, generous and well-liked children[5]. Authoritative parenting style has been known to be an excellent predictor of good academic performance, social competence and good psychological functioning[6]


Parenting Style should not be confused with Parenting Practices. Parenting practices refer to specific behaviours that parents use to socialise with their child while a Parenting style is an emotional climate that parents are raising their children in[7].

  • Each parent develops his/her own style when it comes to parenting. The style reflects their own belief system and culture and circumstances.
  • Research on parenting styles has revealed that there are broadly 3 categories of parenting styles: Authoritarian, Authoritative and Permissive.
  • Authoritative style results in the best outcomes for children from various perspectives including social, emotional and cognitive. This seems to be true at least in western countries.

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Parenting Styles: View Slideshow

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