Top 10 English LKG Rhymes with Videos and Lyrics

We have curated a list of top English LKG Rhymes that can be enjoyed by your kid. All the LKG rhymes in this list have videos and lyrics. For each of these rhymes, we have also created beautiful lyrics cards which you can download.

Top 10 English LKG Rhymes for Children 
  1. One Two Buckle My Shoe
  2. See Saw Hurry Up and Down
  3. Open Shut Them
  4. Old McDonald
  5. Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around
  6. Hey Diddle
  7. Ten Little Fingers
  8. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  9. Three Blind Mice
  10. Jack and Jill
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Scroll down to watch individual videos of these LKG rhymes. Want to reduce video time of your kid? No problem! You can download our beautiful rhymes lyrics cards and sing along with your child. If you scroll down till the end, you can read more on how we have selected these LKG/KG1 rhymes.

1. LKG rhyme – One Two Buckle My Shoe

Download lyrics

2. LKG rhyme – See Saw, Hurry Up and Down

Download lyrics


3. LKG rhyme – Open Shut Them

Download lyrics

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4. LKG rhyme – Old McDonald

Download lyrics

5. LKG rhyme – Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around:

Download lyrics

Scroll down for more rhymes video & lyrics cards! Also understand how we have selected these LKG rhymes for children.

6. LKG rhyme – Hey Diddle

Download lyrics

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7. LKG rhyme – Ten Little Fingers

Download lyrics


8. LKG rhyme – Itsy-Bitsy Spider

Download lyrics

9. LKG rhyme – Three Blind Mice

Download lyrics

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10. LKG rhyme – Jack and Jill

Download lyrics

Read to know how we have arrived at this list of LKG rhymes!

As a parent, you need to understand how we have arrived at this list of LKG English  Rhymes/ Songs/ Poem for LKG/KG1 class children. Age-appropriateness is an important factor that helped us decide this list of LKG English Rhymes for children. The basis for deciding the age-appropriateness of the rhymes is the phonological awareness of kids at this stage.

Phonological Awareness of LKG Kids

Children at this stage become skilled in generating more words that rhyme or that sound alike (e.g., slip, slap; clap, clip; string, strong). They can easily generate a series of 4-5 rhyming words and name 4-5 words that begin with the same sound. Some children are able to use this awareness of sounds to create invented spellings of words they wish to write and can clap to the beat of syllables in long words. This makes it easier for a child to develop a conscious awareness of speech sounds, and then detect and manipulate these in words.

“So, while selecting nursery rhymes for LKG children, parents should focus on the rhymes which have lyrics with a greater number of words that rhyme as well as more and more words which begin with the same sound.”

Please read our introductory article, to understand the categorization methodology of nursery rhymes for Preprimary, LKG and UKG students.

How should parents help their LKG children in language development?
  • By the time children are in LKG, most kids can remember and sing 5-20 rhymes. Parents should now focus on teaching them the meaning behind some of their favourite rhymes.
  • Start pointing out words that begin with the same sound and play games with rhyming words and words that begin with the same sound.
  • Start splitting words into syllables or sounds and ask your kid to guess what word it is. For example: “For lunch, we can have Do you know what I said? We have to stop here and have some f … oo … d. What do we have to do?”
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