Cardinal numbers

Cardinal Numbers explained in Simple Language

What are Cardinal Numbers?

In this blog, we explain the concept of cardinal numbers in a simple manner, devoid of technical jargon. The examples, charts and posters in English.
Cardinal numbers represent ‘quantity’.

Cardinal nos – Illustrative Example 1: 7 mangoes in a basket

Cardinal numbers

Illustrative Example 2: 5 Balloons

Cardinal numbers

Cardinal numbers are relatively more commonly used than ordinal numbers, in our day-to-day language. Unlike cardinal number which represents quantity, ordinal numbers represent position.

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Definition: Cardinal number (or Cardinals)

These are numbers that say how many of something there are, for example, one, two, three, four, five, six. They are also sometimes referred to as counting numbers.

Source: Wikipedia: Cardinal (Counting) Numbers

So what are Ordinal Numbers and how are they different from Cardinal Numbers?

Cardinal numbers represent quantity, unlike ordinal numbers that represent position. Quantity, as in, ‘five mangoes in a bag’. To know more about the differences between cardinal and ordinal numbers, please read this article.

If you wish to read up more about ordinal numbers please click here.
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Fun Trivia:

The rhyme, ‘Baba Black Sheep’, introduces the concept of cardinal nos in a simple and engaging manner. This rhyme also helps develop basic arithmetic (quantity) sense among children.

Note: For most children under 24 months, the concept of number 3 (three) is quite difficult to grasp. Toddlers usually understand 1 and 2 and anything greater than 2 is considered by them as ‘many’.

Cardinal Nos in English (1 – 20) Chart (Poster). Please feel free to download and/or take a print.

Cardinal numbers

Click here to download high-quality printable 1 to 20 cardinal nos English chart (poster) in pdf format.
Cardinal vs Ordinal Comparison (1 – 20) English Chart (Poster). Please feel free to download and/or take a print.

Cardinal numbers

Click here to download high-quality printable 1 to 20 Cardinal vs Ordinal English Comparison Chart (Poster) in pdf format
Click here to download high-quality printable Illustrative Cardinal Number Example in pdf format.
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