Hindi Alphabet Rhymes: Learn Hindi letters and words

Check out the list of best Hindi alphabet rhymes for kids. These rhymes will help your kids learn hindi letters comprising of all Hindi Swar (11 swar). All the Hindi Alphabet rhymes for children in this list have videos and lyrics. For each of these rhymes, we have also created beautiful lyrics cards which you can download.

Click here to play this rhymes playlist on Youtube.

Liked our selection of Hindi Alphabet(Varnamala)Rhymes? Scroll down to watch individual videos of these rhymes. Want to reduce video time of your kid? No problem! You can download  beautiful rhymes lyrics cards and sing along with your child.

1. Hindi Letters For Kids

Download Hindi Letters for Kids Lyrics

2. Varnamala Geet

Download Varnamala Geet Lyrics

3. Sing along Hindi Vowels with Pictures

Download Hindi Vowels Lyrics 

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4. Hindi Alphabet Video

Download Hindi Alphabet Lyrics 

5.  Hindi Swar and Vyanjan Song

Scroll down for more rhymes video!

6.  Hindi Swar For Kids

Download Hindi Swar for Kids Lyrics 

7. A se Anar Hindi Rhymes

Download A se Anar Hindi rhyme Lyrics 

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8. A-Anar Song

Download A-Anar Song Lyrics 

9.  A, Aa, E, Ee – Nursery Rhyme

Download A, Aa, E, Ee – Nursery Rhyme Lyrics 

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  1. 5 वीडियों में अ से अनार , अ से अलमारी में उच्चारण गलत हैं जिसमें उच्चारण ओ किया गया है |

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