ABC Phonics Song and Rhymes for Children

abc phonics song

Phonics is an interesting area that will facilitate your kid to read letters by saying the sound(s) they represent. It enhances their reading and writing skills by improving their letter-sound knowledge.

Sing along with this list of  phonics rhymes and learn all about the sounds that the letters make. Below is a curated list of ABC phonics song and rhymes for children.

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Here is our list of Phonics Rhymes to Learn Letter Sounds:
  1. ABC Phonics Song
  2. ABC Phonics
  3. ABC Phonics Song
  4. ABC Phonics Song for Kids
  5. The Phonics Song
  6. Phonics Song for Kindergarten
  7. Phonics Song
  8. ABC Song
  9. Phonics Song with Two Words
  10. Phonics Song
Click here for direct access to our Youtube Playlist on ABC Phonics Song and Rhymes for Children.
1. ABC Phonics Song

2. ABC Phonics

3. ABC Phonics Song

4. ABC Phonics Song for Kids

5. The Phonics Song

6. Phonics Song for Kindergarten

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7.  Phonics Song

8. ABC Song

9. Phonics Song with Two Words

10. Phonics Song

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