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Wild animals names in English and 5 Indian languages- 1. Hindi, 2. Bengali, 3. Tamil, 4. Kannada and 5. Marathi. For each of 22 wild animals in this list, we have carefully curated high-quality photos and videos. Our interesting facts and trivia for every animal is a bonus! Download, print and use our wild animals chart, stickers and coloring sheets for free.

1. Tiger

Tiger Standing
Tiger Leaping
White Tiger
Tiger Video

Looking for more Videos? We have selected a few good ones.

Tiger Sound | Gypsy Tiger

White Tiger | Big Cat Rescue

Tigers 101 | National Geographic

Tiger in Indian Languages
Hindiबाघ  (Bagh)
Bengaliবাঘ  (Bagh)
Tamilபுலி  (Puli)
Kannadaಹುಲಿ  (Huli)
Marathiवाघ  (Bagh)
Tiger Talking Points
  • Tiger is the national animal of India.
  • The tiger is the biggest species of the cat family.
  • Tigers are carnivores, eating only meat. They mainly feed on large mammals such as deer, wild pigs, antelope, buffalo etc.
  • Tigers have a great fondness for water and are very strong swimmers.
  • Tigers are solitary hunters, and generally search for food alone at night.
  • Every tiger in the world is unique – no two tigers have the same pattern of stripes.
  • Female tiger is called “tigress”.
  • Baby tiger is called “cub”.
  • A group of tigers is called “streak” or an “ambush”.

2. Lion

Lion Standing
Lion Resting
Lion Family
Looking for More Images? We have selected a few good ones.

Single Lion | Shutterstock

Lioness and Lion cub | Shutterstock

Lion | Unsplash

Lion Video

Looking for more Videos? We have selected a few good ones.

Lion sound | Stripy Yoshi

Lions 101 | Nat Geo Wild

Adorable Lion cubs | Discovery

Lion in Indian Languages
Hindiशेर  (Sher)
Bengaliসিংহ  (Sinha)
Tamilசிங்கம்  (Sinkam)
Kannadaಸಿಂಹ  (Sinha)
Marathiसिंह  (Sinha)
Lion Talking Points
  • A lion is called the “king of the jungle”. 
  • Lions are very social animals. They live together in large groups known as “prides”.
  • In India, lions are found in Gir forest, Gujarat.
  • Lions are carnivorous and eat zebra, giraffe, deer, buffalo, wild boar, bear, hare etc.
  • Lions can go up to four days without drinking water, but they need to eat everyday.
  • Female lion is called “lioness”.
  • Baby lion is called “cub”, ” whelp” or “lionet”.

3. Elephant


Baby Elephant
Elephant Family
Elephant Video

Elephant in Indian Languages
Hindiहाथी  (Haathee)
Bengaliহাতি  (Hati)
Tamilயானை  (Yanai)
Kannadaಆನೆ  (Ane)
Marathiहत्ती  (Hatti)

Elephant Talking Points
  • Elephants are the largest existing land animals.
  • Elephants are known for their large ears, tusks made of ivory and their trunks – which are actually a fusion of their nose and upper lip.
  • The trunk is used for breathing, bringing food and water to the mouth, and grasping objects.
  • Elephants are herbivorous and eats grass, plants and fruits.
  • Elephants are good swimmers and use their trunk like a snorkel underwater.
  • Group of elephants is called a “herd”.
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4. Giraffe 



Mother and Baby Giraffe
Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

Giraffe walking | Pexels

Giraffe family | Shutterstock

Giraffe eating | Unsplash

Giraffe Video

Giraffe in Indian Languages
Hindi जिराफ़  (Jiraaf)
Bengaliজিরাফ  (Jirapha)
Tamilஒட்டகச்சிவிங்கி  (Ottakaccivinki)
Kannadaಜಿರಾಫೆ  (Jiraphe)
Marathiजिराफ  (Jirapha)
Giraffe Talking Points
  • Giraffe is the tallest land animal in the world.
  • The giraffe’s chief distinguishing characteristics are its extremely long neck and legs, its horn-like ossicones, and its distinctive coat patterns.
  • Giraffes are herbivores and only eat plants. They use their long neck to feed on the leaves, shoots, and fruits of tall bushes and trees.
  • Giraffes spend most of their lives standing up, they even sleep standing up.
  • Giraffes need to drink water once every few days. Most of their water comes from all the plants they eat.
  • Giraffes are very social animals and roam around in groups. These groups are called towers.

5. Monkey

Vervet Monkey
Baboon monkey
Old World Monkey
Spider Monkey
Capuchin Monkey
Monkey Video

Looking for more Videos? We have selected a few good ones.

Monkeys Playing | Youtube

Facts About Monkeys | Nat Geo Kids

Monkeys at Play | BBC Earth

Monkey in Indian Languages
Hindiबंदर  (Bandar)
Bengaliবানর  (Banara)
Tamilகுரங்கு  (Kuranku)
Kannadaಕೋತಿ  (Koti)
Marathiमाकड  (Makada)
Monkey Talking Points
  • Monkeys are furry animals with long, fur-covered tails and hands with thumbs.
  • Trees, grasslands, mountains, forests and high plains are the most common places where monkeys live.
  • Monkeys are omnivores. Different monkey species eat a variety of foods, such as fruit, flowers, leaves, seeds, nuts, honey, eggs, insects and reptiles.
  • Monkeys are very social animals that usually eat, sleep and travel in groups. Group of monkeys is called a “troop”, “tribe” or “mission”.
  • Monkeys are intelligent animals and can also count.

6. Cheetah

Cheetah Standing
Cheetah Running
Cheetah Family
Cheetah Video

Looking for more Videos? We have selected a few good ones.

All about Cheetahs | Free School

Cheetah | Nat Geo Kids

Cheetahs 101 | Nat Geo Wild

Cheetah in Indian Languages
Hindiचीता  (Cheeta)
Bengaliচিতাবাঘ  (Citabagha)
Tamilசிறுத்தை  (Siruthai)
Kannadaಚಿರತೆ  (Cirate)
Marathiचित्ता  (Cittā)
Cheetah Talking Points
  • Cheetah is the world’s fastest land mammal.
  • Cheetah is the member of cat family, slightly smaller than the leopard, but with proportionately longer limbs and a smaller head.
  • Cheetah is a carnivore and eats a variety of small animals including game birds, rabbits, small antelopes and young warthogs.
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7. Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus Roaring
Hippopotamus Video

Hippopotamus in Indian Languages
Hindiजलहस्ती  (Jalahastee)
Bengaliজলহস্তী  (Jalahastī)
Tamilநீர்யானை  (Nīryāṉai)
Kannadaಹಿಪಪಾಟಮಸ್  (Hipapāṭamas)
Marathiहिप्पोपोटॅमस  (Hippōpōṭĕmasa)
Hippopotamus Talking Points
  • Hippopotamus is a large, mostly herbivorous, semi-aquatic mammal.
  • The hippopotamus is recognized by its barrel-shaped torso, wide-opening mouth revealing large canine tusks, nearly hairless body, columnar legs and large size.
  •  They are herbivores, and eat mostly grass.
  • Hippopotamuses are good swimmers and often seen basking on the banks or sleeping in the waters of rivers, lakes, and swamps next to grasslands.
  • Their eyes and nostrils are located high on their heads, which allows them to see and breathe while mostly submerged.

8. Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros with one horn

Rhinoceros with two horns
Rhinoceros with Oxpeckers
Rhinoceros Video

Rhinoceros in Indian Languages
Hindiगैंडा  (Gainda)
Bengaliগণ্ডার  (Gaṇḍāra)
Tamilகாண்டாமிருகம்  (Kāṇṭāmirukam)
Kannadaಖಡ್ಗಮೃಗ  (Khaḍgamr̥ga)
Marathiगेंडा  (Gēṇḍā)

Rhinoceros Talking Points
  • Rhinoceros h

9. Leopard

Leopard Standing

Leopard on a Tree
Leopard Video

Leopard in Indian Languages
Hindiतेंदुआ  (Tendua)
Bengaliচিতা  (Citā)
Tamilசிறுத்தை புலி  (Siruthai Puli)
Kannadaಚಿರತೆ  (Cirate)
Marathiबिबट्या  (Bibaṭyā)
Leopard Talking Points
  • Leopards are powerful.

10. Jackal

Side Striped Jackal

Golden Jackal
Black-Backed Jackal
Jackal Video

Looking for more Videos? We have selected a few good ones.

Jackal | SafariLive

Facts about Jackals | Ebru TV Kenya

Golden Jackal | Animal Planet (Hindi)

Jackal in Indian Languages
Hindiसियार  (Siyaar)
Bengaliশৃগাল  (Śr̥gāla)
Tamilகுள்ளநரி  (Kuḷḷanari)
Kannadaನರಿ  (Nari)
Marathiसॅक  (Sĕka)
Jackal Talking Points
  • Jackals have a
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11. Fox

Fox Standing
Fox Crouching
Arctic Fox
Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

Red Fox | Shutterstock

Arctic Fox | Pexels

Fox | Flickr

Fox Video

Fox in Indian Languages
Hindiलोमड़ी  (Lomri)
Bengaliশিয়াল  (Śiẏāla)
Tamilநரி  (Nari)
Kannadaನರಿ  (Nari)
Marathiकोल्हा  (Kōl’hā)
Fox Talking Points
  • Foxes have a long bushy tail.
  • They belong to the dog family.
  • They have large, triangular ears.
  • Foxes live in dens.
  • They are more active at night.
  • Foxes eat insects, small reptiles, birds, worms, spiders, plants, fruits etc.
  • Male fox is called dog.
  • Female fox is called vixen.
  • Baby fox is called cub or pup.
  • Group of foxes is called a skulk or a leash.

12. Deer

Deer Standing
Deer Walking
Spotted Deer
Baby Deer
Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

Deer | Flickr

Spotted Deer | Pexels

Red Deer | Shutterstock

Deer Video

Deer in Indian Languages
Hindiहिरन  (Hiran)
Bengaliহরিণ  (Hariṇa)
Tamilமான் (Māṉ)
Kannadaಜಿಂಕೆ  (Jiṅke)
Marathiहरिण  (Hariṇa)
Deer Talking Points
  • Deers have tails, long legs and big antlers. 
  • Some species of deers have white spots on them. 
  • Deers are good runners and can jump high.
  • Deers are also excellent swimmers.
  • Deers eat plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits etc.
  • Male deer is called a buck.
  • Female deer is called a doe.
  • Baby deer is called a fawn, a kid or a calf. 
  • Group of deer is known as a herd.

13. Wolf

Wolf standing

Grey Wolf
Wolf Howling  
White Wolf Howling
Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

Wolf | Shutterstock

White Wolf | Unsplash

Gray Wolf | Shutterstock

Wolf Video

Wolf in Indian Languages
Hindiभेड़िया  (Bhediya)
Bengaliনেকড়ে  (Nēkaṛē)
Tamilஓநாய்  (Ōnāy)
Kannadaತೋಳ  (Tōḷa)
Marathiलांडगा  (Lāṇḍagā)
Wolf Talking Points
  • Wolves are largest species among the dog family.
  • Wolves howl to communicate with each other. 
  • Wolves run fast. 
  • The most common type of wolf is the grey wolf. 
  • Wolves eat deer, bison, squirrel, sheep, foxes etc. 
  • Male wolf is called a dog
  • Female wolf is called she-wolf.
  • Baby wolf is called pup.
  • Group of wolves is called pack.
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14. Bear

Black Bear
Brown Bear with a Baby
Panda (Bear)
Polar Bear
Sun Bear
Asiatic Bear
Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

Brown Bear | Pexels

Polar Bear | Shutterstock

Panda Bear | Unsplash

Bear Video

Bear in Indian Languages
Hindiभालू  (Bhaaloo)
Bengaliভালুক  (Bhāluka)
Tamilகரடி  (Karadi)
Kannadaಕರಡಿ  (Karaḍi)
Marathiअस्वल  (Asvala)
Bear Talking Points
  • Bears are large animals
  • They are excellent swimmers. 
  • Bear has a very good eyesight.
  • There are several species of bears: polar bear, brown bear, black bear, Asiatic black bear, sun bear, spectacled bear, sloth bear etc.
  • The smallest bears are sun bears.
  • Polar bears are the largest.
  • Polar bears looks white because of its white fur but its skin is actually black.
  • Bears eat fruit, plants, insects, fish, small animals, etc
  • Male bear is called a boar.
  • Female bear is called a sow.
  • Baby bear is called a cub.
  • Group of bears is called a sloth.

15. Zebra

Zebra Standing
Zebra Walking
Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

Zebra | Pinterest

Zebra running and jumping | Shutterstock

Group of Zebras | Unsplash

Zebra Video

Zebra in Indian Languages
Hindiज़ेबरा  (Zebara)
Bengaliজেব্রা  (Jēbrā)
Tamilவரிக்குதிரை  (Varikkutirai)
Kannadaಜೀಬ್ರಾ  (Jībrā)
Marathiझेब्रा  (Jhēbrā)
Zebra Talking Points
  • Zebras, as a species are related to horses and donkeys. 
  • They have black and white stripes on its body.
  • Every zebra has a unique pattern of black and white strips, like a human fingerprint.
  • Zebra crossings are named after zebra’s black and white strips. 
  • Zebras have excellent eyesight, hearing and they sleep standing up.
  • Zebras eat mostly grass, leaves, plants, barks etc.
  • Male zebra is called a stallion.
  • Female zebra is called called a mare.
  • Baby zebra is called a foal.
  • Group of zebras is called a zeal or a dazzle.

16. Bison

Indian Bison
American Bison
Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

American Bison | Unsplash

Indian Bison | Shutterstock

Group of Bisons | Flickr

Bison Video

Looking for more Videos? We have selected a few good ones.

Indian Bison | Youtube

American Bison | SciShow Kids

Americal Bison | Smithsonian Channel

Bison in Indian Languages
Hindiबिजोन  (Bijon)
Bengaliবাইসন  (Bā’isana)
Tamilகாட்டு எருமை  (Kaatu erumaai)
Kannadaಕಾಡೆಮ್ಮೆ  (Kāḍem’me)
Marathiबायसन  (Bāyasana)
Bison Talking Points
  • Bisons are strong animals with horns. 
  • Bison are brown in colour and they are fast runners. 
  • They typically stay in forests. 
  • Bisons eat leaves, fruits, stems, flowers and seeds. 
  • They mostly eat in the early morning and in the late evenings. 
  • Male bison is called a bull.
  • Female bison is called a cow.
  • Baby bison is called a calf.
  • Group of bisons is called a herd.
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17. Gorilla

Gorilla Mother and Kid
Baby Gorilla
Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

Gorilla | Flickr

Gorilla eating carrot | Shutterstock

Gorilla family | Shutterstock

Gorilla Video

Gorilla in Indian Languages
Hindiगोरिल्ला  (Gorilla)
Bengaliবনমানুষ  (Banamānuṣa)
Tamilகொரில்லா  (Korillā)
Kannadaಗೊರಿಲ್ಲಾ  (Gorillā)
Marathiगोरिल्ला  (Gōrillā)
Gorillas Talking Points
  • Gorillas are very intelligent animals. 
  • Gorilla’s hands and feet are like those of humans. 
  • Gorillas are mammals. 
  • They stay active during the day and sleep at the night. 
  • They sleep in their nests. 
  • Their nests are made of grass and leaves.
  • Gorillas eat leaves, plants, stems, fruits, bamboo etc. 
  • Male gorilla is called a silverback.
  • Female gorilla is called a gorilla.
  • Baby gorilla is called an infant.
  • Group of gorillas is called a band or a troop.

18. Kangaroo

Kangaroo Standing
Kangaroo Hopping
Baby Kangaroo in Mother’s Pouch
Kangaroo Video

Kangaroo in Indian Languages
Hindiकंगेरू  (Kangeroo)
Bengaliক্যাঙ্গারু  (Kyāṅgāru)
Tamilகங்காரு  (Kaṅkāru)
Kannadaಕಾಂಗರೂ  (Kāṅgarū)
Marathiकांगारू  (Kāṅgārū)
Kangaroos Talking Points
  • Kangaroos are found in the Australian continent.
  • They hop.
  • Kangaroos are great jumpers and can jump very high. 
  • Kangaroos can swim but cannot walk backwards. 
  •  Mother kangaroos have pouches on their front for carrying their babies. 
  • Males kangaroos often ‘box’ with each other to establish dominance.
  • Kangaroos eat plants, leaves, shrubs, etc. 
  • Male kangaroos are called bucks, boomers, jacks, or old men.
  • Female kangaroos are called does, flyers, or jills.
  • Baby kangaroo is called a joey.
  • Group of kangaroos is called a mob, troop, or court.

19. Koala Bear

Koala Bear on a Branch
Koala Bear Sleeping
Mother and Baby Koala
Koala Bear Jumping
Koala Bear Video

Looking for more Videos? We have selected a few good ones.

Koalas for kids | Freeschool

Koalas 101 | Nat Geo Wild

Koala Bear in the wild | Youtube

Koala Bear in Indian Languages
Hindiकोअला भालू  (Koala bhaaloo)
Bengaliকোয়ালা ভালুক  (Kōẏālā bhāluka)
Tamilகோலா கரடி  (Kōlā karaṭi)
Kannadaಕೋಲಾ ಕರಡಿ  (Kōlā karaḍi)
Marathiकोआला अस्वल  (Kō’ālā asvala)
Koala Talking Points
  • Koalas live in the Australian continent.
  • They have grey fur with a cream-coloured chest, strong and sharp-clawed feet.
  • They live on trees.
  • Koala bears are often found in a eucalyptus forest.
  • Koala mother has pouches in her body which can hold a baby koala, just like a kangaroo. 
  • Koalas love eating eucalyptus leaves. 
  • Male koala is called a buck.
  • Female koala is called a doe.
  • Baby koala is called a joey.
  • Group of koala bears is called a colony.
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20. Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee Standing
Baby Chimpanzee Swinging
Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

Chimpanzee | Pixabay

Chimpanzees walking | Shutterstock

Group of Chimpanzees | Flickr

Chimpanzee Video

Chimpanzee in Indian Languages
Hindiचिंपांज़ी  (Chimpaanzee)
Bengaliবানর  (Bānara)
Tamilமனிதக்குரங்கு  (Manithakurangu)
Kannadaಚಿಂಪಾಂಜಿ  (Cimpān̄ji)
Marathiचिंपांझी  (Cimpān̄jhī)
Chimpanzees Talking Points
  • Chimpanzees are intelligent mammals.
  • They have long arms, knees, short legs and black hair. 
  • Chimpanzees laugh, play and hug just like humans. 
  • They swing and jump from branches and trees.
  • They sleep and eat in trees. 
  • Chimpanzees can stand and walk on two legs (bi-pedal). 
  • When it rains, they use leaves as a cover just like humans use umbrellas.
  • Chimpanzees eat fruits, leaves, flowers, insects, bird eggs, monkeys, pigs etc. 
  • A dominant male is referred to as the alpha male.
  • Female chimpanzee is called an empress.
  • Baby chimpanzee is called an infant.
  • Group of chimpanzees is called a troop.

21. Hyena

Hyena Walking

Spotted Hyena

Striped Hyena

Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

Spotted Hyena | Pixabay

Striped Hyena | Shutterstock

Brown Hyena | Shutterstock

Hyena Video

Hyena in Indian Languages
Hindiलकड़बग्धा  (Lakadabagdha)
Bengaliহায়না  (Hāẏanā)
Tamilகழுதை புலி  (Kaḻutai puli)
Kannadaಹೈನಾ  (Hainā)
Marathiहायना  (Hāyanā)
Hyenas Talking Points
  • Hyenas are brown coloured animal with spots or stripes.
  • They have big ears and front legs that are longer than back legs. 
  • Hyenas often hunt in a group.
  • They have great night vision.
  • Hyenas eat zebras, birds, deer, fish, snakes, lizards, insects etc. 
  • Male hyena is called dog.
  • Female hyena is called a bitch.
  • Baby hyena is called cub.
  • Group of hyenas is called cackle.

22. Jaguar

Jaguar Walking
Jaguar Standing
Baby Jaguars
Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

Jaguar resting | Pixabay

Jaguar cubs | Shutterstock

Black Jaguar | Flickr

Jaguar Video

Jaguar in Indian Languages
Hindiजैगुआर  (Jaguar)
Bengaliজাগুয়ার  (Jāguẏāra)
Tamilஜாகுவார்  (Jākuvār)
Kannadaಜಾಗ್ವಾರ್  (Jāgvār)
Marathiजग्वार  (Jagvāra)
Jaguar Talking Points
  • Jaguars are large and heavy animals.
  • Jaguars have yellow or orange fur with spots on their skin.
  • These spots are called rosettes.
  • They love water and enjoys swimming. 
  • Jaguars eat deer, pigs, foxes, fish and frogs, anaconda snakes, etc.
  • Both male and female jaguars are called jaguars.
  • Baby jaguar is called a cub.
  • Group of jaguars is called a prowl or a leap.

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