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In this blog, we list down 22 fruits names in English and 5 other Indian languages-1. Hindi, 2. Bengali, 3. Tamil, 4. Kannada and 5. Marathi. For every fruit we have also curated high-quality photos and videos. If you are teaching about fruits to your kid, our facts and trivia will help in starting a great conversation. You can also download and print our fruits chart, stickers and coloring sheets for free.

1. Apple

Fruits Name in English: Apple. Image#1: Red Apple
Red Apple
Fruits Name in English: Apple. Image#2: Apple Sliced Vertically and Seeds Visible in the Centre
Sliced Apple with Seeds
Fruits Name in English: Apple. Image#3: Apple Slices
Apple Slices
Fruits Name in English: Apple. Image#4: Apple Tree
Apple Tree
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Red Apples | Unsplash

Apples on a Tree | Pixabay

Little girl eating apple | Shutterstock

Apple Video
Apple Rhyme Video
Apple in Indian Languages
Hindi सेब  (Seb)
Bengali আপেল  (Āpēla)
Tamil ஆப்பிள்  (Āppiḷ)
Kannada ಸೇಬು  (Sēbu)
Marathi सफरचंद  (Sapharacanda)
Talking Points

3-4 yrs

  • Apple is red in color.
  • Apple is very healthy.
  • Apple is sweet and juicy.
  • Apple has small seeds.
  • Apple grows on trees.

4-6 yrs

  • Apple is a delicious and nutritious fruit.
  • There are five seed pockets in every apple.
  • Apple pulp is used for making juice, jams etc.
  • Apple is a good source of vitamins. 
  • Apple can help you improve your memory.
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Top apple producing states of India are Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand & Arunachal Pradesh.

    2. Orange

    Fruits Name in English: Orange. Image#1: Orange

    Fruits Name in English: Orange. Image#2: Sliced Orange

    Peeled Orange Slices
    Orange Trees in a Farm
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Orange fruit | Pixabay

    Orange tree | Flickr 

    Peeled orange | Shutterstock

    Orange Video
    Orange Rhyme Video
    Orange in Indian Languages
    Hindi नारंगी  (Naarangee)
    Bengali কমলা  (Kamalā)
    Tamil ஆரஞ்சு  (Ārañcu)
    Kannada ಕಿತ್ತಳೆ  (Kittaḷe)
    Marathi केशरी  (Kēśarī)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Orange is an orange-coloured round fruit.
    • Orange is sweet and juicy.
    • Orange grow on trees.
    • Orange has small seeds inside.
    • Oranges are good for health.

    4-6 yrs

    • Orange is a citrus fruit.
    • The color orange is named after the orange fruit. 
    • Orange has bright orange colored outer skin covering the soft, juicy and pulpy fruit.
    • Inside orange fruit, there are “segments”, which holds little sections with juice inside.
    • Inside each segment, there are seeds called “pips”.
    • The flowers of an orange tree are white in color.
    • They have a wonderful fragrance.
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    3. Grapes

    Green Grapes

    Sliced Green Grapes

    Sliced Black Grape
    Grape Vineyard
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Black Grapes | Flickr

    Green Grapes | Pixabay

    Grape vine | Getty Images

    Grapes Video
    Grapes Rhyme Video
    Grapes in Indian Languages
    Hindi अंगूर  (Angoor)
    Bengali আঙ্গুর  (Āṅgura)
    Tamil திராட்சை  (Tirāṭcai)
    Kannada ದ್ರಾಕ್ಷಿಗಳು  (Drākṣigaḷu)
    Marathi द्राक्षे  (Drākṣē)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Grapes are healthy and delicious fruit.
    • Grapes have sour and sweet taste. 
    • Grapes can have seed within or it can be seedless.
    • Grapes grow on climbers.
    • Grapes grow in bunches.

    4-6 yrs

    • Grapes come in many colours, including red, purple, black, green etc.
    • Grapes are used for making juice, jelly and jam.
    • Raisins are dried grapes.
    • Grapes grow in bunches on grapevines in vineyards.
    • Grapes are full of vitamins and minerals.
    • Grape leaves are also edible and full of nutrients.

    4. Banana


    Peeled Banana

    Banana Plant

    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Banana | Flickr

    Different types of Banana | Shutterstock

    Peeled Banana | Getty Images

    Banana Video
    Banana Rhyme Video
    Banana in Indian Languages
    Hindi केला (Banaana)
    Bengali কলা (Kalā)
    Tamil வாழைப்பழம் (Valaipazham)
    Kannada ಬಾಳೆಹಣ್ಣು (Bāḷehaṇṇu)
    Marathi केळी (Kēḷī)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Banana is a tasty fruit.
    • Banana is yellow in color.
    • Banana is good for health.
    • Bananas grow in bunches.
    • There are different banana varieties.
    • Bananas are used in smoothies.

    4-6 yrs

    • Banana is a very popular fruit.
    • Bananas are green when unripe and turn yellow as they ripe.
    • Banana is rich in nutrients and are a healthy fruit.
    • Bananas grow in large, hanging bunches.
    • Banana plants are not trees, they are a type of herb.
    • A row of bananas is called a ‘hand’, while a single banana is called a ‘finger’.
    • India is the leading producer of bananas.
    • Bananas are also used to make smoothies and chips.
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    5. Pineapple


    Sliced Pineapple
    Pineapple Slices
    Pineapple Plant
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Pineapple plant | Flickr

    Pineapple | Unsplash

    Pineapple slice | Shutterstock

    Pineapple Video
    Pineapple Rhyme Video
    Pineapple in Indian Languages
    Hindi अनानास  (Anaanaas)
    Bengali আনারস  (Ānārasa)
    Tamil அன்னாசி  (Aṉṉāci)
    Kannada ಅನಾನಸ್  (Anānas)
    Marathi अननस  (Ananasa)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Pineapple is a greenish-yellow colored fruit.
    • Pineapple is a healthy and delicious fruit.
    • Pineapple is covered with thorns.
    • Pineapples grow on plants.
    • Pineapples can be eaten fresh.
    • Pineapples are also added to salads, pizzas and icecreams.

    4-6 yrs

    • Pineapple is one of the most popular fruits in the world.
    • Pineapple is a tropical fruit with thorns on their skin.
    • Pineapple fruits are a good source of nutrients and vitamins.
    • Pineapple’s pulp and juice are used in many cuisines around the world.
    • Pineapples grow on plants.
    • Pineapple plants have leaves shaped like swords.
    • Pineapple plant produces only one pineapple.
    • Pineapples regenerate! You can plant pineapple leaves to grow a new plant.

    6. Mango


    Sliced Mango
    Mango Cube Slices

    Mango Tree

    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Mango | Getty images

    Mango Slices | Flickr

    Mango Tree | Shutterstock

    Mango Video
    Mango Rhyme Video
    Mango in Indian Languages
    Hindi आम  (Aam)
    Bengali আম  (Āma)
    Tamil மாம்பழம்  (Mambalam)
    Kannada ಮಾವು  (Māvu)
    Marathi आंबा  (Āmbā)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Mango is a popular fruit.
    • Mango is a delicious fruit.
    • Ripe mangoes are yellow and are very sweet.
    • Unripe mangoes are green and sour.
    • Mangoes are added to smoothies and icecreams.
    • Mango grows in the summer season.

    4-6 yrs

    • Mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Philippines.
    • Mango is known as the king of fruits and comes in different shapes and sizes.
    • Mangoes are juicy, pulpy and luscious fruit.
    • Mangoes are a delicious fruit with high nutrient value.
    • Mangoes can be consumed raw or can be added to icecreams, smoothies, juice, chutneys, pickles etc.
    • India is the world’s largest producer of mangoes.
    • Mango is a rich source of various vitamins and minerals.
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    7. Pomegranate


    Ripe Pomegranate

    Pomegranate Seeds
    Pomegranate Tree
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Pomegranate | Pixabay

    Sliced Pomegranate | Unsplash

    Pomegranate seeds | Pexels

    Pomegranate Video
    Pomegranate Rhyme Video
    Pomegranate in Indian Languages
    Hindi अनार  (Anaar)
    Bengali ডালিম  (Ḍālima)
    Tamil மாதுளை  (Mātuḷai)
    Kannada ದಾಳಿಂಬೆ  (Dāḷimbe)
    Marathi डाळिंब  (Ḍāḷimba)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Pomegranate is a seeded fruit.
    • Pomegranate seeds are covered with red pulp.
    • Pomegranates are sweet, juicy and crunchy.
    • Pomegranate grows on a rounded shrub or small tree.
    • Pomegranate is a healthy snack for kids.

    4-6 yrs

    • The word pomegranate means apple with many seeds.
    • Pomegranate has red skin, inside it has edible red pulp with seeds in it.
    • Pomegranates contain lots of vitamins and minerals.
    • Pomegranate is also known as a superfood as it used for medicinal purposes.
    • India is the world’s largest producer of pomegranates.
    • In Rome, the pomegranate was crushed and used as a dye.
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    8. Papaya


    Papaya with Seeds

    Papaya Slices

    Papaya Tree

    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Ripe Papaya | Shutterstock

    Sliced Papaya | Unsplash

    Papaya in a plate | Getty Images

    Papaya Video
    Papaya Rhyme Video
    Papaya in Indian Languages
    Hindi पपीता (Papeeta)
    Bengali পেঁপে (Pēm̐pē)
    Tamil பப்பாளி (Pappāḷi)
    Kannada ಪಪ್ಪಾಯಿ (Pappāyi)
    Marathi पपई  (papa’ī)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Papaya is sweet, soft and fleshy.
    • Ripe papayas are yellow or orange in color.
    • Unripe papayas are green in color.
    • Papayas are high in nutrients.
    • Papaya is good for the eyes.
    • Papaya plant is tall as tree.

    4-6 yrs

    • Papayas are tropical fruits and grow in tropical areas around the world.
    • Papaya is a rich source of Vitamin A, B and C.
    • Papayas can be eaten raw and also added to many recipes.
    • In Asia, people eat stem and leaves of the papaya tree.
    • Papaya seeds are edible and it looks like peppercorns.
    • Black seeds of papaya have a peppery taste.
    • Papaya tree does not have branches.
    • Bark of the papaya tree is used to make rope.
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    9. Watermelon


    Sliced Watermelon

    Watermelon Piece

    Watermelon Vine

    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Watermelon | Pixabay

    Watermelon slices | Unsplash

    Watermelon without seed | Shutterstock

    Watermelon Video
    Watermelon Rhyme Video
    Watermelon in Indian Languages
    Hindi तरबूज  (Tarabooj)
    Bengali তরমুজ  (Taramuja)
    Tamil தர்பூசணி  (Tarpūcaṇi)
    Kannada ಕಲ್ಲಂಗಡಿ  (Kallaṅgaḍi)
    Marathi टरबूज  (Ṭarabūja)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Watermelon is a big and heavy fruit.
    • Watermelon has a red, sweet and juicy pulp.
    • Watermelons are round or oval in shape.
    • Watermelon is loaded with water.
    • Many people like to eat watermelon in the summer.

    4-6 yrs

    • Watermelon has green skin with red flesh and black seeds.
    • The watermelon can be classified as both a fruit and a vegetable.
    • It is a fruit because it grows from a seed and has a sweet flavour. 
    • It is a vegetable because it is a part of the gourd family like the cucumber.
    • Watermelon is loaded with water and nutrition.
    • Watermelon can be made into juice or smoothie.
    • Watermelon rind and seeds are edible.
    • China is the world’s largest producer of watermelons.
    • There are more than 1200 varieties of watermelon.

    10. Lemon

    Sliced Lemon
    Lemon Tree
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Lemons | Getty Images

    Lemon | Flickr

    Squeezing Lemon | Shutterstock

    Lemon Video
    Lemon Rhyme Video
    Lemon in Indian Languages
    Hindi नींबू  (Neemboo)
    Bengali লেবু  (Lēbu)
    Tamil எலுமிச்சை  (Elumiccai)
    Kannada ನಿಂಬೆ  (Nimbe)
    Marathi लिंबू  (Limbū)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Lemon is a yellow citrus fruit.
    • Lemon grows on a small tree.
    • Lemon has a sour taste.
    • An average lemon contains 8 seeds.
    • Lemon juice and pulp are used in cooking.

    4-6 yrs

    • Lemon is an oval-shaped bright yellow citrus fruit.
    • Lemon is larger than lime.
    • Lemon is high in Vitamin C.
    • Leaves of a lemon tree are used to make tea. 
    • Lemon peel is used to flavour cakes and cookies.
    • Due to its high acidic nature, lemon juice can be used for cleaning utensils. 
    • Lemon trees produce fruit all year round.
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    11. Lime


    Sliced Fresh Lime
    Lime Tree
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Lime | Pexels

    Sour Lime | Unsplash

    Squeezing Lime | Shutterstock

    Lime Video
    Lime Rhyme Video
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Lime is a citric green fruit.
    • It’s pulp is juicy and yellowish green in color.
    • Ripe limes are pale green or yellow in color.
    • Lime oils are used in perfumes.
    • Lime is used to prepare pickle.

    4-6 yrs

    • Lime has a tangy sour taste, more acidic compared to lemon.
    • There are many varieties of lime that differ in size, color and flavor.
    • Lime is a rich source of vitamin C. 
    • India is the top producer of limes.
    • Lime is used to prepare pickle.
    • Lime extracts and lime essential oils are used in perfumes and cleaning products.
    • Lime trees blooms and produces fruit all year round.

    12. Jackfruit

    Ripe Jackfruit
    Jackfruit Arils
    Jackfruit Tree
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Inside Jackfruit | Getty Images

    Jackfruit Bulbs | Pixabay

    Jackfruit Tree | Shutterstock

    Jackfruit Video
    Jackfruit Rhyme Video
    Jackfruit in Indian Languages
    Hindi कटहल  (Katahal)
    Bengali পনস  (Panasa)
    Tamil பலாப்பழம்  (Palāppaḻam)
    Kannada ಜಾಕ್ ಫ್ರೂಟ್  (Jāk phrūṭ)
    Marathi जॅकफ्रूट  (Jĕkaphrūṭa)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Jackfruit is a highly nutritious fruit.
    • It has spiky green outer skin.
    • It is the world’s largest tree fruit.
    • Ripe jackfruit is eaten as fruit.
    • Unripe jackfruit is prepared as a vegetable.
    • Jackfruit is also known as jack tree, fenne, jakfruit, jack or jak.

    4-6 yrs

    • Jackfruit has a yellow to green skin colour with spikes.
    • Jackfruit’s flesh grows in segments, each containing a seed.
    • Ripe jackfruit is eaten as a fruit but unripe jackfruit is prepared as a vegetable.
    • The jackfruit seeds are cooked and used as a snack.
    • Jackfruit is the world’s largest tree-borne fruit.
    • The Jackfruit tree is really a wonder tree because every part of it has its own use. 
    • The fruits are consumed as food, the leaves are fed to livestock.
    • The tree and branches are used in the manufacture of wood products and the roots are utilized as medicine.

    13. Guava


    Guava with white flesh

    Guava with pink flesh
    Guava Tree
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Guava | Shutterstock

    Guava with Pink flesh | Getty Images

    Red Guava | Pixabay

    Guava Video
    Guava Rhyme Video
    Guava in Indian Languages
    Hindi अमरूद  (Amarood)
    Bengali পেয়ারা  (Pēẏārā)
    Tamil கொய்யா  (Koyyā)
    Kannada ಪೇರಲ  (Pērala)
    Marathi पेरू  (Pērū)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Guava is oval, round or pear shaped fruit.
    • Ripe fruit is covered with yellow, green or maroon skin. 
    • Flesh can be white, yellow, pink or red colored.
    • Guava grows in the small tree or shrub.
    • Guava contains many small seeds. Seeds are edible.
    • Guava is also used in the form of juice , jam , jellies etc.

    4-6 yrs

    • Guava is round or oval in shape with light green or light yellow skin.
    • The color of guava’s flesh varies from white or pink to dark red and has edible seeds at the center. 
    • Guava is often labeled as “super fruit” because it is a rich source of vitamins and minerals.
    • Guava has sweet taste, however, they can also have a sour flavour, depending on the variety or species.
    • Guava can be consumed raw, or in the form of smoothies, jellies, ice-creams, jams etc. 
    • Leaves of guava are used as the source of black pigment in the textile industry.
    • The leaves are also used to treat wounds.
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    14. Custard apple

    Custard Apple
    Ripe Custard Apple
    Custard apple Tree
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Custard apple | Getty Images

    Custard apple | Flickr

    Custard apple flesh | Shutterstock

    Custard Apple Video
    Custard Apple Rhyme Video
    Custard apple in Indian Languages
    Hindi शरीफा  (Shareepha)
    Bengali আতা  (Ātā)
    Tamil சீத்தாப்பழம்  (Sitapalam)
    Kannada ಸೀತಾಫಲ  (Sītāphala)
    Marathi सीताफळ  (Sītāphaḷa)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Custard apple is a sweet fruit. 
    • Custard apple’s skin is rough. 
    • Custard apple’s flesh has a sweet and tangy taste.
    • There are many varieties of custard apples. 
    • Depending on the variety they are green, yellow, brown or maroon in colour. 

    4-6 yrs

    • Custard apple is an edible tropical fruit. 
    • Custard apple has rough outer skin.
    • Inside it there is cream-white coloured flesh. 
    • Each segment of the flesh has blackish or dark brown seed. 
    • Custard apples come in various shapes – heart shaped, spherical, oblong or irregular.
    • The fruit is popular for its sweet and slightly tangy, creamy textured flesh.
    • Custard apples has protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins.
    • It is also called sugar apple or sweetsop.

    15. Sapodilla


    Sliced Sapodilla
    Sapodilla Tree
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Sapodilla tree | Unsplash

    Sapodilla seed | Flickr

    Sapodilla slices | Shutterstock

    Sapodilla Video
    Sapodilla Rhyme Video
    Sapodilla in Indian Languages
    Hindi चीकू  (Chikoo)
    Bengali সফেদা  (Saphēdā)
    Tamil சப்போட்டா  (Sapota)
    Kannada ಸಪೋಟ  (Sapota)
    Marathi चीकू  (Chikoo)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Sapodilla is also known as chikoo fruit. 
    • Sapodilla grows in evergreen trees.
    • Sapodilla has brown skin.
    • Sapodilla flesh is off-white to yellowish brown color.
    • Sapodilla flesh is soft and juicy with black seeds.
    • Sapodilla has sweet, malty flavor.

    4-6 yrs

    • Sapodilla is oval-shaped fruit and has brown skin.
    • Sapodilla’s flesh is off-white to yellowish brown color and has a juicy texture. 
    • Sapodilla’s flesh has two or three black seeds. 
    • The ripe sapodilla fruit flesh is soft, sweet and juicy
    • People eat sapodilla fresh and also flesh is used in shakes, icecream, smoothies, juice etc. 
    • Sapodilla contains Vitamin A and C and is high in fiber content.
    • India is the largest producer of Sapodilla fruit.
    • Ballari district of Karnataka is the largest producer of Sapodilla in India.

    16. Strawberry



    Sliced Strawberry
    Strawberry Plant
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Stawberries | Getty Images

    Strawberry | Unsplash

    Baby Girl eating Strawberry | Shutterstock

    Strawberry Video
    Strawberry Rhyme Video
    Strawberry in Indian Languages
    Hindi स्ट्रॉबेरी  (Stroberee)
    Bengali স্ট্রবেরি  (Sṭrabēri)
    Tamil ஸ்ட்ராபெரி  (Sṭrāperi)
    Kannada ಸ್ಟ್ರಾಬೆರಿ  (Sṭrāberi)
    Marathi छोटी  (Chōṭī)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Strawberry is one of the tastiest fruits.
    • When ripe, strawberries are bright red in colour. 
    • Strawberry has green leafy crown.
    • Strawberries grow on small green bushes.
    • Strawberry plants grow close to the ground. 
    • They are eaten fresh, often with cream and sugar.

    4-6 yrs

    • Strawberry is bright red, juicy and very sweet fruit.
    • Strawberries are the only fruit that wear their seeds on the outside. 
    • An average berry has about 200 seeds.
    • Strawberry grows on low-lying bushes.
    • Strawberry stems are called runners. 
    • There are three different types of strawberries: There are June bearing, everbearing and day-neutral strawberries
    • Strawberry has lots of vitamin C, iron and minerals.
    • Strawberries are eaten in a number of different ways including fresh, dried, as a jam, in a drink etc.
    • Strawberry flavour is also added to a variety of foods.

    17. Plum

    Fresh Ripe Plum
    Plum Tree
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Plums | Flickr

    Plum Seed | Shutterstock

    Plum Tree | Pixabay

    Plum Video
    Plum Rhyme Video
    Plum in Indian Languages
    Hindi बेर  (Ber)
    Bengali বরই  (Bara’i)
    Tamil பிளம்  (Piḷam)
    Kannada ಪ್ಲಮ್  (Plam)
    Marathi मनुका  (Manukā)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Plums grow on trees and shrubs.
    • Prunes are dried plums.
    • Plum’s taste ranges from sweet to tart.
    • There are more than 200 varieties of plums.
    • Plums can be used to make jam and juice.

    4-6 yrs

    • The plum is a drupe or stone fruit, meaning its flesh surrounds a single hard seed.
    • The color “plum” takes its name from the fruit. 
    • Plum’s flesh is juicy and varies in color from yellow to red.
    • Plums can be as large as a baseball or a small as a cherry when ripe.
    • Plums are an excellent source of vitamin C.
    • Plums are widely eaten fresh as a dessert fruit.
    • The taste of the plum fruit ranges from sweet to tart.

    18. Cherry


    Cherry with Seed
    Cherry Tree
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Cherry Fruit | Shutterstock

    Cherry Tree | Getty Images

    Cherry on Cake | Unsplash

    Cherry Video
    Cherry Rhyme Video
    Cherry in Indian Languages
    Hindi चेरी  (Cheree)
    Bengali চেরি  (Cēri)
    Tamil செர்ரி  (Cerri)
    Kannada ಚೆರ್ರಿ  (Cerri)
    Marathi चेरी  (Cērī)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Cherry is a small rounded fruit with a seed.
    • Cherry varies in color from yellow to red to nearly black. 
    • Cherry grow on trees.
    • Cherry flesh is sour-sweet and juicy.
    • Cherry is loaded with nutrients.
    • Cherry is used to flavour cakes and ice cream. 

    4-6 yrs

    • Cherry is a small, rounded red fruit with a seed in the middle.
    • Cherry is a stone fruit, meaning its flesh surrounds a single hard seed.
    • Sweet and sour cherry are the best-known varieties of cherry and the fruit colour varies from yellow to red to nearly black.
    • Cherry is a good source of vitamin B.
    • Cherry fruit grows on a tree or a bush. 
    • Cherry trees develop beautiful white flowers during the spring.
    • Cherry is used in the production of jams, jellies, ice-creams, sauces and juices.
    • Cherry is also used in the cosmetic and perfume industry because of their beautiful fragrance.
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    19. Peach

    Peach with Seed
    Peach Slices
    Peach Tree
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Peach | Flickr

    Inside Peach | Getty Images

    Peach Tree | Shutterstock

    Peach Video
    Peach Rhyme Video
    Peach in Indian Languages
    Hindi आड़ू  (Aadoo)
    Bengali পীচ  (Pīca)
    Tamil பீச்  (Pīc)
    Kannada ಪೀಚ್  (Pīc)
    Marathi  आड़ू  (Aadoo)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Peach is a delicious fruit.
    • The outer skin of the peach is yellow-red in colour.
    • Flesh of the peach is white or yellow in color. 
    • Peach has single, large red-brown seed.

    4-6 yrs

    • Peach fruit has smooth yellow-red skin with yellow or whitish flesh
    • Peach is a stone fruit, meaning its fleshy fruit surrounds a single hard seed.
    • Peach come in many different varieties.
    • White-fleshed peach is lower in acid and taste sweet.
    • Yellow-fleshed peach has an acidic tang coupled with sweetness.
    • Peaches are of two types: Clingstones and Freestones. 
    • Clingstone Peach – the flesh sticks to the pit
    • Freestone Peach – the pit is easily separated from the flesh.
    • Peaches are a great source of vitamins A and C.
    • People eat fresh peach or add them to jams, icecreams, shakes or smoothies.
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    20. Pear


    Pear with Seed

    Pear Slices
    Pear Tree
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Pears | Flickr

    Sliced Pear | Pixabay

    Pears on tree | Shutterstock

    Pear Video
    Pear Rhyme Video
    Pear in Indian Languages
    Hindi नाशपाती  (Naashapaatee)
    Bengali নাশপাতি  (Nāśapāti)
    Tamil பேரிக்காய்  (Pērikkāy)
    Kannada ಪಿಯರ್  (Piyar)
    Marathi नाशपाती  (Naashapaatee)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Pear is round or oval crunchy fruit.
    • Pulp is white, juicy and sweet.
    • Pear has tiny seeds in the center.
    • It has green, yellow or reddish skin.
    • Pear can be cooked or eaten fresh.

    4-6 yrs

    • Pear is round, oval or conical fruit covered with yellow, green or reddish skin. 
    • The flesh is white or cream colored with seeds.
    • Pears are rich in vitamins and minerals. 
    • Pear has a soft, butter-like texture when they ripe.
    • People eat fresh pear and also use them in salads, desserts, jams and juices.
    • Pear is one of the world’s oldest cultivated fruits.
    • There are over 3000 varieties of pears worldwide. 
    • Pear tree wood is used in the manufacture of furniture. 
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    Pear | Fresh for Kids

    Pear Facts | Easy Science for Kids

    21. Avacado

    Ripe Avacado
    Avacado Tree
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Avacado | Pixabay

    Inside Avacado | Getty Images

    Mashed Avacado | Shutterstock

    Avacado Video

    Avacado Rhyme Video
    Avacado in Indian Languages
    Hindi एवोकाडो  (Evokaado)
    Bengali আভাকাডো  (Ābhākāḍō)
    Tamil வெண்ணெய் பழம்  (Veṇṇey palam)
    Kannada ಆವಕಾಡೊ  (Āvakāḍo)
    Marathi एवोकॅडो  (Ēvōkĕḍō)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Avocado is an oval or egg-shaped fruit.
    • Avocado has big brown seed.
    • Avacado’s skin is dark green in colour.
    • Flesh is dark yellow to light green in colour. 
    • Flesh of avocado is creamy.

    4-6 yrs

    • Avocado is an oval or egg-shaped fruit with a creamy pulp.
    • Avacado’s outer skin is dark green to brown in colour
    • Avacado’s flesh is dark yellow to light green in colour. 
    • Avocados have more protein, fat and fiber content.
    • Avocados are toxic to almost all birds and animals.
    • While avocados mature on the tree, they only ripe once they are picked.
    • People eat avocados fresh and also add them to shakes, sandwiches, salads etc. 
    • Avocados are also known as butter fruit or alligator pear.
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    22. Kiwi


    Sliced Kiwi

    Kiwi Slices
    Kiwi Vine
    Looking for more Images? We have selected a few good ones.

    Kiwi | Pixabay

    Golden Kiwi | Shutterstock

    Kiwi fruit on vines | Getty Images

    Kiwi Video
    Kiwi Rhyme Video
    Kiwi in Indian Languages
    Hindi कीवी  (Keevee)
    Bengali কিউই  (Ki’u’i)
    Tamil கிவி  (Kivi)
    Kannada ಕಿವಿ  (Kivi)
    Marathi किवी  (Kivī)
    Talking Points

    3-4 yrs

    • Kiwi is a delicious and nutritious fruit. 
    • Kiwi is an oval or egg-shaped fruit.
    • Kiwi has furry brown skin.
    • Kiwi is green on the inside with small black seeds.
    • Kiwi’s seeds are edible.
    • Kiwis grow in clusters on vines.

    4-6 yrs

    • Kiwi has furry brown skin and green flesh.
    • Kiwi has rows of tiny black edible seeds.
    • Kiwi has a soft texture and a sweet flavour.
    • Kiwi fruit grows in clusters on vines.
    • Kiwi is a rich source of vitamin C,  E and K. 
    • Kiwifruit is native to China.
    • The fruit was named in 1959 after the kiwi bird, a symbol of New Zealand.
    • Before that, its name was Chinese gooseberry. 
    • People eat kiwi fresh or in the form of juices and icecreams. 

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