Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl | Birthday Quotes for Daughter

Ira wishes a very happy birthday to your daughter! Looking for heartwarming birthday wishes for your baby girl in a few simple words? You will love our 30 special birthday wishes for baby girl and birthday quotes for daughter. We have also created beautiful birthday cards for baby girls which you can freely download and share.

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Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl
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30 Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl & Happy Birthday Daughter Cards!
Quote 1:

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and more loved than you’ll ever know. Happy Birthday, my dearest daughter!

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Quote 2:

Until yesterday, you could not turn and lie on your tummy by yourself. Today, we find it difficult to keep pace with you as you run around everywhere. How fast have you grown! Happy birthday, little Angel.

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Quote 3:

Your arrival has given me strength, hope and the courage to appreciate life’s little gifts. Happy birthday little honey bee. May you sting us with joy and delight, year after year.

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Quote 4:

Your arrival in our life has been like warm sunshine on a cold and snowy day, a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day. You simply make everything better! Happy Birthday, Papa Ki Pari!

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Quote 5:

On this day, God sent down a precious angel into our lives. Since then, everyday has been filled with sunshine and rainbows. You have given us the most beautiful moments of our lives. Happy Birthday, Little Princess.

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Quote 6:

Dear Daughter, you are like a beautiful butterfly with colourful wings. As you get ready to spread your wings and fly high in the sky of dreams and imagination, your Mumma prays for your happiness. Happy Birthday, Little Darling.

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Quote 7:

Just when I think you couldn’t get any cuter, you go and do something adorable and prove me wrong. You really are one in a million. Happy Birthday, my Little Pumpkin!

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Quote 8:

Your smile is more beautiful than the colourful corals of the ocean. You reflect the brilliant rays of the magnificent sun through your eyes. Keep shining my little star. Happy Birthday, Princess!

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Quote 9:

Your beautiful smile, your cute face, your tiny nose, your soft hands, your big bright eyes and your beautiful hair, all make me feel alive! Happy Birthday, my Little Love!

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Quote 10:

You are our most beautiful and precious gift. You make us complete. May you be blessed forever. Happy Birthday my little Queen!

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Quote 11:

Happy Birthday to my baby girl, the source of our happiness! Our love for you cannot be expressed in words. We feel blessed to have a daughter like you. You make every single day of our lives memorable.

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Quote 12:

Dear Daughter, every year this day reminds us of how very lucky we are. Our love for you is unconditional and eternal. May God bless you with happiness, laughter, love and good health. Happy Birthday, my shining star!

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Quote 13:

A super cute and charming baby girl like you, is a precious gift from God. Your energy is contagious and your laughter, music to our ears. You are to me, what sunshine is for flowers! Happy birthday, Little Bunny.

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Quote 14:

Your smile brings joy and warmth to everyone’s hearts. How I wish I could put you in a time machine so that you never grow big! Grow up slowly my Barbie girl. Happy Birthday!

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Quote 15:

You mean the world to me and there is no feeling like holding you in my arms. Today is a day to celebrate and cherish, as you turn one year older! Happy Birthday, my Teddy Bear.

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Quote 16:

Dear Daughter, I still remember the first time you slept on my shoulders. As you grow up day by day, our smiles grow bigger and bigger. May God fulfil all your dreams and desires! Stay Blessed, the Queen of my heart. Happy Birthday!

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Quote 17:

On this day I received one of the best gifts ever. My beautiful baby girl was born and my life has been blessed ever since. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents. Happy Birthday, Dearest Daughter!

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Quote 18:

Dear Daughter, you changed our life the day you were born. I love many things about life but nothing more than being your mother. I just want you to know that I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday, Little Princess!

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Quote 19:

From teaching you to talk to learning from you to video-chat, every moment with you is a memory. Happy Birthday, my Princess!

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Quote 20:

Dear Daughter, every year your birthday reminds us to be grateful about the wonderful journey called parenthood. The amount of happiness you bring into our lives, cannot be described in words. We feel so proud of you. Happy Birthday!

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Quote 21:

Dear Daughter, just a while ago, I was teaching you to ride a cycle. And now I am learning from you how to make a Tik-Tok video. How time flies! Happy Birthday, my Dearest!

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Quote 22:

Dear Daughter, no words can express how awesome it feels to have a daughter as amazing as you. If I had to try though, I would say, “I love you more than life itself.” Happy Birthday, Princess!

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Quote 23:

You were absolutely adorable as a new born, you are utterly charming right now, and we know that you will be incredibly spectacular in the future. You are a rock star! Happy birthday from the proudest parent in the world!

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Quote 24:

Dear Daughter, before you were born I was confused about fatherhood. But ever since you came into my life, you have made fatherhood feel like the only thing that makes sense. I hope you know that you are truly treasured. Happy Birthday!

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Quote 25:

Dear Daughter, my love for you is far greater than my heart could possibly hold. Every day I wake up and try and be a better parent, because you deserve nothing less. Happy Birthday!

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Quote 26:

Dear Daughter, you are more than my pride and joy; you are the reason I strive to be the best that I can be. I just want you to be as proud of me, as I am of you. Happy Birthday my Little Angel!

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Quote 27:

Dear Daughter, you are the most beautiful thing to have ever happened to me. Your love brings a smile to my face and joy to my soul. May your birthday be just as special as you are, my sweet Fairy. Happy birthday!

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Quote 28:

Dear Daughter, watching you grow is my biggest joy. You will always be a miracle. Life makes sense with you in it. Happy birthday, my little Sweetheart!

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Quote 29:

You fill my day with lots of happy moments and incredibly precious memories. Thank you. You are perfect the way you are and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Happy Birthday, my Perfect Princess!

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Quote 30: 

I thought I had a happy life until you came along. And then I realised that I neither understood life nor happiness. Happy Birthday, Little Miracle!

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