1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

Ira wishes a very happy 1st birthday to your baby girl! Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday when you held your baby angel for the first time? How time flies! But now your princess is (or going to be) 1 year old. The first birthday of your baby girl is a special day to remember and savour. So, we have a composed 15 heartwarming 1st birthday wishes for baby girls which will help you express your love in simple words. Also, we have created beautiful cards which you can download and share via Facebook or elsewhere.

1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl & Happy Birthday Cards for Baby Girl

Quote 1: Time is flying by so fast! We can’t believe that you are one year old today. You have blessed our hearts as you are the biggest gift I ever got from the God. Happy 1st Birthday my dear little Princess.

Quote 2: On this special day, I just want to say a big Thank You to God as he blessed us with a beautiful baby and today she turns 1. May God bless her always with all the happiness of the world.Happy Birthday my dear Daughter.

Quote 3: You came into this world exactly 365 days ago and since then our world has only revolved around you. You made our Family complete & Life perfect. Happy 1st Birthday our Angel.

Quote 4: It feels like yesterday that you were born. I can’t believe you have turned one this quick. As you grow up day by day, our smiles grow bigger and bigger. The first year of your life was full of sweet memories for us! Happy 1st Birthday my Munchin!

Quote 5: I confess that I prayed to have a daughter. I promise to be with you all your life. I will be your Mom, Guide and Best Friend. No words of gratitude are enough to say how much you are dear to me. Love you, my 1 years old girl. Happy Birthday!

Quote 6: Happy 1st birthday to my sweet girl! Having you in my life is one of the best feelings and I still can’t believe how happy and lucky I am. Thank you for making my Motherhood such an amazing experience!


Quote 7: Dear Daughter, Our first year with you has been the most special year of our lives. We continue to love you more and more with every passing day.You are just like a little angel, spreading joy and pure happiness everywhere around. Happy 1st Birthday Angel!

Quote 8: “Sky is blue, Roses are red”, “Yesterday you were born and Today you are already One”! Thank you for coming into our life, dear Daughter ! Happy 1st birthday Princess!

Quote 9: Dear Daughter, Today you might not be able to blow out the candles on your birthday cake, but your love is like the light of a million candles that brightens up our lives in a way that no one can imagine. Happy 1st birthday Princess.


Quote 10: Finally, we have started counting your age by years, not in months or days. May the innocence in your eyes and purity of your face stay forever with you.Happy 1st Birthday to you our beloved Daughter!

Quote 11: Dear Daughter, Your warmth makes our lives glow—”I Love You” is all that I want you to know. Happy first birthday little Princess!

Quote 12: Happy First Birthday to my shining star! Your laughter is like music to my ears. I love you to the moon and back.

Quote 13: Dear Daughter, May your one-year soul always remain pure. My addictive love for you knows no cure. You are a sweet baby angel—please never grow up. Happy 1st Birthday!

Quote 14: Dear Daughter, You give us a gift every day. One year with you has meant 365 special gifts that you have given us. Each day with you in our lives is a priceless memory! May God bless you with all the happiness of the world. Happy 1st Birthday, Love!

Quote 15: Dear Daughter, You have graced our lives for a full year. It is so very hard to believe that you are already turning one! Thank you for all that you have given to us. Happy First Birthday!

Hope our collection of 1st birthday wishes for baby girl was helpful. How did you celebrate the 1st birthday of your baby girl? We would love to know. Please share them using the comments section below.

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