Matching and Sorting: Toddler Activities

Check out some fun and engaging toddler activities related to Matching and Sorting that your kids will love doing again and again!

1. Simple Fine Motor Skills Activity for children // Sorting Colors

This activity for toddlers will improve brain functions and it’s very useful for a child’s development. To do this, a kid has to interact with different objects, touch more different materials and textures, do a lot of different activities. This video has a lot of awesome activities for you to help your kids develop their fine motor skills.

2. DIY Educational Toys – Sorting Colored Popsicle Sticks

A cheap and easy way to create educational toys for kids at home using colored popsicle sticks, box, and toilet paper rolls.

3. Learn basic shapes Sorting/Classifying cups learn colors activities preschoolers kindergarten

This educational activity is to learn basic shapes and sorting for preschoolers and kindergarten.

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4. Fun Matching Activity For Kids

This fun matching activity helps the kid to match numbers with dots. You can also use the same method for color and shape matching.

5. Learn shapes for kids with Shape Sorter Cognitive and Matching Plastic Toy

This video teaches different shapes to your kids with a Shape Sorter Cognitive and Matching Plastic Toy.

6. DIY FUN Toddler games to teach them about colour and shape matching!

These 8 super fun activities teach a toddler about colours & shapes matching. These are great for visual discrimination. 

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7. Toddler doing a rainbow-themed color & shape matching activity!

This DIY shape matching activity is appropriate for toddlers to learn matching concept.

8. Shape Match File Folder Game

It is easy to make this shape match file folder at home to make toddler easily understand shape matching.

9. Matching Activities for Toddlers and Kids.

Matching Activities for Toddlers and Kids at home. This makes a kid to easily understand the concept behind matching

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10. DIY Sock Sorting Game | Color Recognition Sorting Activities Toddlers *Savy Baby*

With a box, construction paper and a few craft supplies, you can make your toddler a fun sock sorting game that promotes color recognition, sorting and is a great way to promote motor skills.

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