Early Childhood Education: Home learning For Toddlers

Early Childhood Education: Home learning For Toddlers

As a parent, are you interested in taking control of your toddler’s early learning? In this blog, we will help you set up a high quality early learning program for your child (18-24 months old) in your home. You the parent will be your child’s teacher and this will eliminate the need for you to send your child to a play-school or preschool for early education.

Why is Early Childhood Education Important?
Early Childhood Education: Home learning For Toddlers

Numerous studies have found that early age education is very important for a child’s later success. Your child’s brain is growing at an exponential pace at this age and is ripe for stimulation. 0-5 Years is a crucial window of opportunity in a child’s life that never occurs again. Early age education is the foundation that you lay, which your child will build upon for the rest of its life! Read more about why early age education is critically important here.

What is Early Childhood Education?
Early Childhood Education: Home learning For Toddlers

Early childhood education operates across various dimensions of the child’s development including sensory, perceptual, physical, motor, health, language, mathematics, cognitive, creative, aesthetic, social and emotional. Read more about it here.

Can I start Early Childhood Education of my child at Home?

Early Childhood Education: Home learning For Toddlers

Yes! We firmly believe that nobody can teach your toddler better than you, its parent. You are already its first teacher about life itself. You are more than capable of teaching your child numbers, writing, colours and ABCs!

But is this not the job of teachers in child’s play-school/preschool?

Having a culture of learning in one’s home is a common trait of many highly successful and educated families. Implementing a structured learning program at your home will help you create that culture. When there is a culture of knowledge one’s home, the child will not view education as some ‘external thing’ that happens only in a school.

Ok, but How do I get Started?

Early Childhood Education: Home learning For ToddlersIf you want to be the teacher to your child, you need to do a bit of homework. 🙂 Here are 3 Steps that you need to do get started.

Step 1

Children are bundles of energy. They find it difficult to sit in one place for even a few minutes. Your child needs to gradually develop a habit of sitting in a place and paying attention. Reading these two blogs (here and here) will teach you the techniques to grab your child’s attention while you are reading books to it.

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Step 2

Next, you need to understand how children learn and how their learning milestones evolve with age. Reading these blogs might take some time but trust us, they will help you a lot.

Step 3

We encourage you to read these short blogs for a few more practical tips that will help you identify the resources you need to get started.

What kind of Resources will I need to Start?

Now that you have adequate knowledge, you will need a few resources (children’s learning books, worksheets, puzzles etc.) to get started. Selecting the right resources is important. 

Early Childhood Education: Home learning For Toddlers

Typically when a child learns a concept when it goes through 3 different stages. Concept Introduction, Passive Reinforcement & Active Reinforcement. Having all the 3 types of products will make learning deep as well fun for your child.

Type 1 Resources – Concept Introduction 

Books are usually the best way to introduce concepts to your child. You should have children’s books which cover the following topics: Numbers, Letters, Human Body, Cognitive Concepts, Objects, Human Relationships and Human Activities. 

Early Childhood Education: Home learning For Toddlers

Type 2 Resources – Active Reinforcement

Kids learn fast when they feel learning is fun and are actively involved in the learning process. So, parents should supplement the learning imparted through books, with Participatory Learning Aids such as Puzzles, Worksheets, Educational Toys etc.

Early Childhood Education: Home learning For Toddlers

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Type 3 Resources – Passive Reinforcement

Visual reinforcements is a subtle but effective way of providing a learning environment which enables our children to internalize the concepts deeply. So parents may explore products such as Wall Charts, Black or White Board, Stickers etc.

Early Childhood Education: Home learning For Toddlers

Finally, to get started …

Now that you have necessary know-how and have arranged for the learning resources, it is time to get started with your child in your home. But please read these tips before doing so.

Early Childhood Education: Home learning For Toddlers

If however you are stuck or need some expert advice, please feel free to drop in an email to feedback@iraparenting.com. All the Best

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