colouring book for kids

Tips: How to Choose Best Colouring Book for Kids

As a parent, if you are looking to buy a colouring book for kids, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are our tips that will help you buy the best colouring book for your kid.

Things to look for when buying a Colouring book for kids:
1. Quality of the Paper
colouring book for kids
Watercolours can make the poor quality paper soggy and easy to tear

Quality of the paper used makes a huge difference to your child’s experience. If the paper quality used is poor, the colours might not show properly on it. And in case of watercolours, the poor-quality paper might become soggy and start to tear. Thickness also plays an important role. If the paper is too thin, the chances of tearing are high. Also, make sure that the paper is pure white (not off-white) in colour for the best experience for your child.

2. Size of the Colour Book
colouring book for kids
Young kids find it difficult to paint on large colouring worksheets

The size of the colouring book for kids or the colouring worksheets make a huge difference to the child’s experience. In general, the size should get bigger with the age of the child. Young children find it difficult to paint on large colouring worksheets. And older kids do not like to paint on small colouring pages.

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3. The complexity of the Pictures
colouring book for kids
complicated images can be difficult to draw

Images in the colouring book can be simple or complex and may require single colour or multiple colours. Ideally, these should be based on the age of the child. Young children find it difficult to paint colouring books that multi-colour complicated pictures. Similarly, older kids do not like to paint very simple single or two-colour pictures. It is also preferable for young children to paint pictures that have a thick border, as their motor skills are not fully developed. Thick border helps children paint within the space more easily.

4. Give preference to loose sheets than a colouring book

colouring book for kids

If the colouring sheets are pinned to form a book, there is one advantage: the colouring pages will not get lost. But we advise parents against this idea because many times, if the colours (especially watercolours) leak or spill over, all the pages in the book might get damaged. And with kids, you can expect accidents of this nature to happen quite easily

Hope you liked our tips on a colouring book for kids.

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