CBSE Preschool & Nursery Books: NCERT Pre Nursery Syllabus

CBSE affiliated Schools follow the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research & Training) guidelines for their Books.

But NCERT does NOT have any (CBSE) books for Nursery or preschools/play schools.

However, NCERT does have a recommended curriculum for preschool education. The curriculum is built upon the three goals which cater to all the domains of development of a child:

Goal 1: Children maintain good health and wellbeing.

Goal 2: Children become effective communicators.

Goal 3: Children are involved learners and connect with their immediate environment.

Download NCERT Preschool Curriculum, to know more about pre nursery syllabus.

At Ira, our Preschool Education Experts, have developed a comprehensive & hands-on Learning Plan, while completely adhering to the guidelines provided by NCERT for Preschool Education.

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