Animal Sounds for Kids!

Domestic Animals Sounds

1. Cat says Meow Meow!

Download Cat Sound 
2. Dog says Bow Wow!

Download Dog Sound 
3. Cow says Mooo!

Download cow sound 
4. Horse says Neigh!

Download Horse Sound 
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5. Donkey says Hee-Haw!

Download Donkey Sound 
6. Buffalo says Mooo!

Download Buffalo Sound 
7. Pig says Oink!

Download Pig Sound 
8. Squirrel says Chirp!

Download Squirrel Sound 
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9. Goat says Baaa!

Download Goat Sound 
10. Sheep says Baaa!

Download Sheep Sound 

Sounds of Wild Animals

1. Lion Roars!

Download Lion Sound 
2. Monkey Chatters!

Download Monkey Sound 
3. Tiger Growls!

Download Tiger Sound 
4. Elephant Trumpets!

Download Elephant Sound 
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5. Alligator Hisses!

Download Alligator Sound 
6. Leopard Snarls!

Download Leopard Sound 
7. Snake Hisses!

Download Snake Sound 
8. Rhinoceros Bellows!

Download Rhinoceros Sound 
9. Gorilla Grunts!

Download Gorilla Sound 
10. Wolf Howls!

Download Wolf Sound 
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Animal Sounds Chart

Download Animal Sounds Chart

Download Animal Sounds Chart
How does learning animal sounds help kids?
  • Learning animal sounds is a precursor to learning alphabet sounds: When kids learn to associate the picture of a cow (symbol) with “moo” (the sound that it makes), it also helps them to associate (symbols) with their sounds. It becomes easier for them to understand the association of letters of the alphabet (also symbols) with sounds.
  • Learning animal sounds enhances the cognitive development of kids:  When a child is asked, “What does a cat say?” Your little one must listen, comprehend that you are asking a question, identify the animal mentally and respond with the correct animal sound. The child is connecting a fair number of dots!
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