School Ready

This section has articles and useful information relevant for parents who have children who are almost School Ready. We define this as age group of children between the ages of 3 and 4 Years or 36-48 Months. Your child is showing signs of independence and asserts his/her own identity strongly. You as a parent are already probably focusing on development of early learning skills in your home more rigorously than before. How best can you do this and still keep it fun? Some of you may have put your child in a play-school and hence this is the beginning of the child’s exposure to structured learning. You are also consciously increasing the child’s exposure to various aspects of life. Some parents might contemplate enrolling their child in classes for sports, music, dance etc. Your kid is also showing signs of becoming a social person. You as a parent are looking to create opportunities where the child can socialize. In this section you will find articles covering relevant many such topics.

types of play in early childhood

Types of Play in Early Childhood

Children engage in different types of play, all of which are beneficial. We explain each of these types and their numerous benefits.

Basic Concepts for kids

Basic Concepts: Milestones & Tips for Kids

Basic concepts are crucial for a child’s early success helping them to read and write better. Basic concepts are tools that enable a child to make sense of the world.

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Top 10 Short Nursery Rhymes for Kids

10 Best short nursery rhymes for Kids. Download the lyrics for these easy and simple rhymes in English. Your babies, toddlers, nursery or pre nursery small kids will love it!

parenting style Questionnaire

Parenting Style Questionnaire

We have prepared Fun Parenting Style Questionnaire for all parents. Check out on this blog and share with other parents!

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