Learning Corner

As children approach their second birthday, parents start to think seriously about learning and education. Learning Corner section is dedicated to this important topic. Early formative years are crucial for development of the brain. Cognitive and Language milestones are indicators of development of the child’s brain and its progress. At this stage the child is learning from many sources: by observing the environment around him, by his/her own experiments in the environment, by observing and imitating parents, siblings, friends and other people around him etc. Structured learning usually starts at home, when parents or other family members start using books or charts or toys or other products to start teaching basic concepts to this child. Structured learning continues when the child is enrolled in either a playschool or school. In this Learning Corner section, we rely on latest research and studies to understand How Children Learn. Our goal is help parents lay a strong foundation for learning and education in a fun filled way.

Toddler Learning Apps? No Way!

Are you allowing your toddler to use educational Apps on Smartphones and Tablets? After reading this article you might change your mind!

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