Language Development

Language development is the task in which a child can understand and communicate effectively during childhood days. Language and communication skills are critical to a child’s development. Development of language skills is important for Child’s interpersonal activities and academic success in children. It is, therefore, crucial to have an understanding of the mechanisms of language acquisition that can provide a basis for optimizing children’s development.
Phonetics play an important role in language development. Phonetics is the study of sounds of human speech. Parents should understand the concept behind phonetics and teach their children as it plays a vital role in language development. In early childhood days parents develop their own sound based language to communicate with their children. Initially, the child hears the sound and gradually he/she understands the message behind it. Tongue twisters are another important tool for language development in children. It will stimulate the brain to enhance words’ pronunciation and also control speech functions of a child.
Apart from phonetics and tongue twisters, rhymes and riddles, too, help in developing language in children. Riddles will improve children’s understanding ability and vocabulary skills. Rhymes serves children with new words and concepts as well as helps in improving their vocabulary knowledge.
In this category, we bring you articles about basic understanding of phonetics and its role in child’s language development. Also, you will find articles where we talked about how as a parent you can work on your child’s early language development.

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