Early Childhood Math

Children begin to develop mathematical sense from an early age. Therefore, it is vital for parents to inculcate and nurture basic mathematical skills from the pre-school days. But inculcating mathematical sense in early childhood does not imply focussing only on counting. Studies have shown that ‘Matching’ and ‘Sorting’ are 2 key skills among others that ought to be a part of the early childhood math development. Matching helps the child to develop the skill to identify same or similar objects based on their properties. Sorting helps the child to understand that objects can be arranged in a particular order, based on the gradation of a property.
Parents should also understand the differences between cardinal and ordinal numbers before they teach counting. These are potential areas where the child can get confused.
In this category, you will find blogs relevant to early childhood math and also introductory articles with Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers well explained with illustrative examples. You will also find worksheets that are designed by child development experts for you to freely download and practice along with your child.

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