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Helping Your Children Learn to Love Reading Books!

There’s no such thing as too many books around the house, and the same goes for children’s books – if not even more. If you’re trying to teach your child a love of literature from an early age, then you can’t really expose them to enough of it. This is why it’s important to find the time to read to them and foster a love of reading in them so that they want to do it naturally.

Now, this doesn’t mean that every child is going to pick up reading as a skill easily. In fact, for some, it might be a challenge that they can’t get their head around. Let’s take a look at how to help your children learn to love books and to read.

1.   Look at the Cover and Title

One thing you might do when you read to your child is skipping straight to the first page – after all, they’re going to be pretty excited to see what it’s about as well. However, before you do this, take a moment to look at the book’s title and cover. Take a second to explain to your child what the cover is, and what kind of information it can give you about the book.

You can also talk about the author – who they are and why they wrote the book if this is included. This is a great way for your child to develop context around the pictures and text within so that they can start listening or reading the story with a better understanding.

2.   Implement a Reading Program

It’s always nice to be able to sit down with your child one on one and help them learn to read for a few minutes each day. However, if you’re busy with work, then you might not have time to do this some days, and you might feel a bit stressed about missing this important time.

This is where a reading program can come in. There are plenty of reading program options out there to help your child learn to read, especially if they have been struggling with it a little bit lately, and you’re feeling out of your depth. Just look up the ‘best reading programs for struggling readers’ to find the best fit for your child.

3.   Refer to Books For Your Child’s Questions

How many questions does your child ask you every day? Did you stop counting a while ago? Most likely. Children ask lots of questions each and every day as they learn more and more about the world. One day to foster a love of reading and books is to refer to them when you are answering their questions.

Instead of referring to Google or looking up the answer on your phone, if you don’t know it, try to find a book in the house that can help, or you can even get one out of the library next time that you think could be a good resource. This will also help them learn to refer to books when they’re curious.

4.   Tie Books into Family Outings

If you’re the kind of family that likes to get into the outdoors as much as possible, you can always tie in books somehow to make it even more of an adventure. If you’re going on a weekend hike with your children, pick up a couple of books about bugs and trees that you’re likely to see along the way.

This way, they can refer to their books as you go, and learn so much more about the surrounding landscape – and how books are packed with useful knowledge.

If your child struggles with reading, or you’re worried that they won’t grow up to share your love of reading, don’t worry. The tips above are designed to help you not only learn how to foster a passion for reading in your child but to help them feel more confident about doing it themselves.

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