20 Best Kids Books Online: Numbers, Patterns & Concepts

In this blog, we have curated best kids books available today across the e-commerce platforms. These kids books have been reviewed & recommended by Ira early age childhood learning & development Experts. These kids books primarily focus around patterns, counting, shapes and concepts about big and small.

  • Kids Books #1 to #3: Early Counting
  • Kids Books #4 to #5: Shapes & Colours
  • Kids Book #6: Pattern Writing ( line & curves)
  • Kids Book #7, #8 & #9:  Concepts (opposites, big & small)
  • Kids Books #10: Pattern recognition
  • Kids Book #12 to #15: Spatial sense (navigation, direction & positions)
  • Kids Book #16 to #20: Concept (scale, measurement, shape)
20 Best Kids Books Online:
1. Baby 123 (math book)

2. Best Counting Book Ever (math book)

3. Counting Workbook

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4. My Very First Book of Shapes

5. Colours, Shapes and Sizes (math book)

6. Lines, Curves and Pattern Writing (math book)

7. Touch, Think, Learn: Opposites

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8. Big Little

9. Quiet Loud

10. The Forgotten Milestone (math book)

11. Yellow Ball 

12. Up, Down and Around

13. Me on the Map

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14. The Secret Birthday Message

15. Rosie’s Walk

16. Shrinking Mouse (math book)

17. Big Bug

18. Changes, Changes (math book)

19. Balancing Act (math book)

20. Is it Larger? Is it Smaller? (math book)

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Hope this blog was helpful in selecting the age-appropriate, high quality & best kids books online. In case you feel, we should add a particular kids book to this list

Please add the book name along with the appropriate reasons in the comments section.

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