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Early Childhood Education: Home learning For Toddlers

Read to know how to set up the best and an effective early Learning Plan for your child (18-24 months old) at home.
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Coloring Sheets for Beginners

Free Downloadable high-quality Coloring Sheets inside!
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Straight Lines Worksheet for Beginners

Free Downloadable high-quality Lines Worksheet inside!
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Colors for Kids: Milestones & How to Teach Kids Colors

Read the blog to know about color milestones for your child and how to teach colors to kids.
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Books for 1 year old: A child’s complete Book Collection!

Check out our books for 1 year old which are age appropriate, value for money, used & Approved by Parents.
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Birthday Return Gifts For Kids

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Smart Toys for 2 year Olds

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Gifts for a 2 year old Boy

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Gifts For a 2-year-old Girl

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CBSE Preschool & Nursery Books: NCERT Pre Nursery Syllabus

Ira Learning books aims to be the best CBSE preschool books. These books for kids are designed with age factor and learning milestones of...
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Counting Worksheets for Beginners

Free Downloadable high-quality Counting Worksheets inside!
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Quite simply, the Preschool Books Set there is!

Check out our best Preschool books which are age appropriate, value for money, used & Approved by Parents.
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Every child will love this Beautiful Nursery Books Set!

Check out our best nursery books which are age appropriate, value for money, used & Approved by Parents.
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Educational Toys for 2 year Olds

Take a look at Ira learning products which are the best educational toys for 2 year olds. These educational toys are child safe, experts...
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Ira Learning Products: Gifts For 2 Year olds

Gift Ira Active learning set or Books Starter Set to your kids and give them a lifelong love for learning. Ira products are experts...
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Books for Kindergarten: Grab this beautiful set!

Check out our best books for kindergarten which are age appropriate, value for money, used & Approved by Parents.
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Books for Toddlers: the Ultimate Collection!

Check out our best books for toddlers which are age appropriate, value for money, used & Approved by Parents.
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Baby Books: Your baby will love this Book Set!

Check out our best baby books that are age appropriate, value for money, used & approved by Parents.
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Baby Games to Play with your 2 to 3 Yrs kid

Read this blog to learn about age-appropriate and Experts recommended Baby Games for children between 2 & 3 years of age.
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About Us is dedicated to young parents who have children in the age group of 1.5-6 Years. As a child begins to inch closer to...
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Contact Us

We at Ira Parenting, welcome your feedback on any article on our website or any suggestion that you might have. Thank you for writing...
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How to teach counting to kids

Explained in simple tone, how parents can start teaching counting numbers to their kids at home.
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PRIVACY STATEMENT SECTION 1 – WHAT DO WE DO WITH YOUR INFORMATION? When you purchase something from our store, as part of the buying...
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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Use, applies to the Website and all its Content and Shopping Site / Store Introduction Welcome to the website....
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How to Teach The Alphabet To Kids

Are you aware of the VAK learning model? Make alphabet learning interesting for your kids by following the VAK learning model.
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Refund and Cancellation Policy Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. In the event, if you are displeased with the products bought on this website,...
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Basic Concepts: Milestones & Tips for Kids

Basic concepts are crucial for a child's early success helping them to read and write better. Basic concepts are tools that enable a child...
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ABCD For Kids: The Right Approach For Teaching ABCD To Kids

Read these tips to know the right approach, books and products for teaching ABCD for kids.
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Counting Numbers: Useful Tips To Keep In Mind

You can explore important aspects of counting in our blog and start teaching counting numbers to your kids with expert's tips related to counting.
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Colouring Book for Kids

If you looking for a good quality colouring book for your kid, here are some useful tips to help you buy the best colouring...
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Phonics for Kids: Role of Phonics in Child’s Language Development

Phonics and phoneme are vital areas that will facilitate your kids to make up reading and writing skills by improving their letter-sound knowledge.
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Child Rearing Quotes

Be a responsible parent with our list of quotes on child rearing tips so as to raise a well rounded child. Also, check out...
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Shape Milestones and Activities for 18-36 months Kids

Shapes and Spatial Awareness is crucial to a child's development. We have listed a collection of age-appropriate ideas for teaching shapes to kids.
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Scribbling and Drawing milestones for 18-36 months kids

Drawing and scribbling are the first steps in using the skills children will need later for writing. Learn how to encourage drawing skills, confidence, and creativity in...
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Children and Play: Role of Play in Early Childhood

Play helps children to engage and interact with the world around them. We present you a well-researched blog explaining the role of play in...
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Early Childhood Education: Importance & India Perspective

Read to know how early childhood education is important in child’s overall development, the core objectives of early childhood education and developmental goals for...
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Counting Numbers: Milestones between 18-36 months

Different children grasp counting skills at a different pace, therefore parents should know the right approach to teaching early counting to their kids. Read...
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Short Tongue Twisters to Improve Enunciation of Your Children

Check out the collection of short tongue twisters for your kids. Also, know how these tongue twisters can improve your child's enunciation!
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हिंदी पहेलियों का दुर्लभ संग्रह: अपने बच्चों के साथ मज़ा ले

Check out this blog for an interesting list of Hindi paheliyan हिंदी पहेलियाँ ! Enjoy them with your kids.
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Parenting Styles: Is Western Research relevant to India?

Most western studies show that Authoritative style is the best for raising children. But is this true in the Indian context?
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Tongue Twisters for Kids: An Important Speech Development Tool

If you are looking for some famous tongue twisters for your kids, look no further. We have listed 99 best tongue twisters ever!
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11 Activities for developing Interpersonal Intelligence In Children

Interpersonal intelligence is important. These activities will help your child develop interpersonal skills while having fun!
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Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers: Do these confuse your child?

Do you understand the difference between Cardinal and Ordinal numbers? You could be unknowingly confusing your child while teaching Math!
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Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences: Myth or Truth?

Have you heard of terms like 'kinesthetic Intelligence', 'left vs right-brain oriented' and 'visual thinker'? This blog analyses the theory behind these terms.
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Music and Child Development: Answers to 3 Important Questions

Music has an important role in child development. We look at the 3 important questions and answer them based on latest research.
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Executive Functioning Skills: Important Child Development Skills

Executive functioning skills are crucial to plan, prioritize and execute tasks. The blog looks at ways that you can help your child develop these...
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Steve Wozniak is Right! (But not about Indian Creativity)

Do you think introducing coding to your kid at an early age is a wise decision? You could be making a mistake.
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Funny Tongue Twisters in English and Hindi

Bring out the happy curve on your face with these funny tongue twisters! Enjoy them with your kids and repeat them a few times!
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Talking to Your Children is Important for Developmental Milestones

Are you engaging in a dialogue with your child or is it just monologues? Know more about the benefits of having healthy conversations with...
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60 Best Hindi Riddles for Kids with Answers

Riddles challenge young minds and teach them important life skills. We have listed 60 fun riddles inside the blog. We bet you can't answer...
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Top 10 Short Nursery Rhymes: Videos and Lyrics

We have curated a playlist of 10 exciting short nursery rhymes for children with videos and lyrics. We are sure you will love this...
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Positive Discipline: 10 Tips to raise a disciplined child

Do you wish to raise a disciplined child? These 10 proven methods will help you raise a balanced and well-behaved child.
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Why rhymes are important for pre-primary and kindergarten kids

Do you know that reciting a nursery rhyme could help your children in their developmental milestones? Read to know how.
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How to Concentrate? 9 Tips for Kids

Do you feel that your child is not able to concentrate on his tasks? These unbelievably effective tips will help improve your child’s concentration.
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Ordinal Numbers explained in Simple Language with Examples

Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers are the first math lessons you should be teaching to your kid. Read the blog to better understand these confusing...
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Early childhood Math: Important Early Skills For Your kids

Are you teaching Math to your child by starting with Counting 1, 2, 3? You could be making a mistake!
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English UKG Rhymes with Videos and Lyrics

Check out our curated list of English Nursery rhymes for UKG children. Your kids will surely enjoy the playlist.
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Phonics for Kids: Importance of Phonetics in Language Development

In this blog, we explain the role of phonetics in language development of the child in the age group of 18 Months to 5...
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Top 10 English LKG Rhymes with Videos and Lyrics

Check out our curated list of top 10 English Nursery rhymes for LKG children. Your kids will surely enjoy the playlist.
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#standbytoughmom: Why I disagree with parts of this Ad

What did you think about the #standbytoughmoms Ad by All-Out? We have a slightly different take on the ad. Read on to know more.
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What is Phonetics and its role in Child Development

This blog is an introductory article on phonetics. We examine the role of phonetics in early childhood language development.
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Types Of Parenting Styles: Download Free PDF

Click on this post to get free downloadable Parenting Styles PDF file in just a few seconds!
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Parenting Style Questionnaire

We have prepared Fun Parenting Style Questionnaire for all parents. Check out on this blog and share with other parents!
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Tongue Twisters in Hindi: Enjoy Them with Your Kids

Delve into this fun blog to check out some famous Tongue twisters in Hindi for your kids! Enjoy them with your kids and repeat...
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Know more about Parenting Styles: What is yours?

Researchers have identified 3 categories of parenting styles. Read this article to know which style matches that of yours!
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Importance of Competition In Your Child’s Life

You should encourage your child to be competitive as it has numerous benefits. But watch out for these warning signs of unhealthy competition!
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Phonics based technique to select rhymes for your child

Phonological awareness is a pre-requisite skill for children to read effectively. Read this blog to know about Phonological Awareness and nursery rhymes awareness.
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Top 10 English Pre KG Rhymes with Videos and Lyrics

Check out our curated list of top 10 English Pre KG rhymes with videos and lyrics. Your kids will surely enjoy the playlist.
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Free Downloadable Ordinal Numbers English Worksheets for your Child

Download high-quality Ordinal Numbers Worksheets now! These worksheets will make your kid smart in Ordinal numbers.
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Free Downloadable Cardinal Numbers English Worksheets for your Child

Download high-quality Cardinal Numbers Worksheets now! These worksheets will make your kid smart in cardinal numbers.
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