How To Make A Paper Dog?

paper dog

Learn how to make a paper dog with these easy instructions, step by step activity guide with pictures, infographics and video tutorial.

Activity Duration: 5-10 min

Age Group: 4- 5 years

What you need? 

Square sheet of paper

Activity Guide

  • Take square piece of paper.
paper dog
  • Fold the corners by folding top corner to the bottom corner.
paper dog
  • Fold the obtained triangle by folding left corner to the right corner.
paper dog
  • Unfold the left corner from right corner.
  • Then fold both corners of the triangle down as shown in the picture.
paper dog
  • Now fold the top and bottom corner behind and make it flat.
paper dog
  • Draw eyes, nose and mouth.
  • The dog is done.
paper dog

Infographic: How To Make A Paper Dog?

paper dog

Activity Video

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